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Is YouTube Dominated by Hot Lesbians or Straight Male Fantasies?

Filed By Jerame Davis | October 18, 2007 1:23 AM | comments

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I am up late tonight and Bil asked me to find a You Gotta See This entry for tomorrow since we don't have one scheduled like we usually do. I figured that would be a quick and easy trip to YouTube, find something humorous that hasn't been on the site before, and I'd be done. No sweat, right?

Funny how things turn out sometimes.

I started my search with the broadest of search terms, "gay". (Yeah, yeah, not very imaginative, but you never know where you'll strike gold until you dig. I found today's YGST nugget, so it paid off.) I got a plethora of totally useless videos varying from titles like, "homework is gay" or "Chris Crocker is gay" or even "Ambiguously gay duo" from SNL. But there was no over-arching theme to the results. They varied from gay hate, to gay lust, to gay humor, to everything in between. Totally random.

So, then I thought maybe we haven't been paying attention to our lesbian sisters as much as we should lately, so I put "lesbian" into the search box and clicked for the results. Well, if you believe YouTube, all lesbians do is kiss or "make out" and tend to be of the hot, hott, or hott! variety. I wasn't aware of the grading system before, but I'm assuming that the extra "t" and added "!" would indicate a greater level of hotness. But I digress...

The interesting part of this is that when you get your YouTube search results, by default they are ordered by "Relevance". It would seem that it takes 4, 5 or more pages (at least, I gave up after a few pages nothing but feminine tonsil tickling) to get through all of the "relevant" search results involving luscious lesbian lip action. (See the image below. Notice this is the bottom of page 3 of the search results. Click the image to embiggen.)

YouTube Search Results for lesbian

So what do you think? Are straight male fantasies of joining and bedding these orally fixated vixens at play here or do all lesbian YouTubers look for steamy lip-locked blondes in various states of undress and intertwined mouth muscles?

I'm pretty sure it's the former, but let's hear from the ladies out there. How many of you have been to YouTube searching for these sultry sisters serving sweet smooches? I mean, I've never seen "lesbian porn" that wasn't geared toward the tongue-twisting fantasies of heterosexual males, so I doubt YouTube is much different. But who knows, right?

Nonetheless, how many videos of women kissing do these fantasizing fanboys/fangirls really need? Seriously? And why is there nothing aside from tongue swallowing that's relevant to a keyword as broad as lesbian? I'm not sure whether I should be amused, offended, or just feel kinda icky (or something else entirely.)

I think all of the above.

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Isn't it interesting how straight men get all grossed out by gay men, but lesbians - now that's hot(t)(!). Rather like how in some cultures being gay is a sin - unless you're a lesbian in which case we just won't talk about it...

I can't wait to see if you get comments from lesbians about this. But, you know, I've never searched YouTube for videos of guys kissing either...

Arabella Hunt | October 18, 2007 8:58 AM

This made me laugh, Jerame. I have found exactly this type of acted male-hetero-acceptable stuff often on youtube whilst looking for real lesbian content like the excellent comediennes or dyke musicians. It categorically does not turn me on!
I would be interested to know if any women find it erotic.
Using the terms 'dyke', 'butch femme' etc. yield better results!
From a genuine lesbian youtuber!

Brynn Craffey Brynn Craffey | October 18, 2007 1:58 PM

I'm with Arabella here. When I was identifying as a lesbian, I always found that "type of acted male-hetero-acceptable" porn a complete turn-off--and transition hasn't changed this at all. That sort of porn or erotica always struck me as completely soul-less and so obviously not heartfelt that it made me feel acutely uncomfortable--icky even.

This is funny. I actually did the same youtube search once for a YGST as well, and was like, um, I don't think I can post this stuff.

But I also searched for "lesbian comedian" and found some pretty bad junk as well. That's YouTube!