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Larry Craig on Dateline tonight

Filed By Alex Blaze | October 16, 2007 4:08 PM | comments

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Here's where I wish I had access to American TV.

Larry Craig will be on Dateline NBC tonight to talk about the arrest and the ensuing hullabaloo. Remember, he's staying on until the end of his session, and good for him, since that means that Democrat Larry LaRocco won't have to run against an incumbent come 2008, since Larry Craig's replacement, had he retired, would most likely be the dude the GOP wants in that Senate seat.

Anyway, he apparently tells Matt Lauer his whole fabrication side of the story about the bathroom incident while he's sitting right next to his wife. Talk about awkward! And he'll talk about being stabbed in the back by the rest of the GOP, specifically how Multiple Choice Mitt "not only threw me under his campaign bus, he backed up and ran over me again."

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Don Sherfick Don Sherfick | October 16, 2007 7:45 PM

Alex, I don't know if you have at least managed to see some of the promo/preview excerpts that have been on both NBC and MSNBC affiliates (and maybe picked up internationally) today. My guess is that the "best" material is already out there, but we'll be watching the whole thing in about a half hour.

They're also running pictures with Matt cozied up to Larry........and I hear that at one point during the interview, Matt drops a piece of tissue, Larry reaches down with his ring finger and picks it up with his wife nerviously watching. The interview looks like it was shot pretty close up, so I don't know how wide the stances are. And I hear rumors that when Don Imus returns to radio (ABC New York) in the near future his first interview will be with four or five members of a Minnesota rugby team who were polishing the urinals several yards from the subject of the regretted disordely conduct plea. You don't get that in France, either, I'll bet.

There are lots of clips of this online already. I saw several on MSNBC online on Yahoo. Not very interesting, actually. His wife says he told her the day the story broke-- he says he was embarrassed because he'd never been arrested before. He says he feels Romney threw him under the bus, bla bla bla...*yawn*

Can we move on now??

No, R, we cannot. I'm obsessed with Larry. He consumes my everyday. I have posters of him up in my apartment now, and I'm planning a pilgrimage to The Stall. One day maybe I'll meet him, come face to face with The One Larry, and I'll be able to die a happy man.

Yeah, I don't get anything fun out here, Don. This seems like it'd be the most awkward interview ever. I'm going to have to check out YouTube for clips, I suppose.