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Larry Craig's own inconvenient (and sad) truth

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A lot has been written in both the mainstream and LGBTQ media concerning Idaho Republican Senator Larry Craig, and given his choice to remain in the Senate and try to reverse his guilty plea in Minnesota. We watched Matt Lauer's interview with him and his wife the other night and the commentary which followed, including fellow Bilerico contributor Mike Rogers whose website has been instrumental in exposing the hypocrisy of Craig and other examples of hypocrisy among anti-gay politicians.

I could jump in more and engage in the jokes about toe tapping, toilet paper retrieval, or go on and on about the double standards involved, restroom sting operations, and the like. But at some point saturation occurs. The only thing I would like to know, and haven't been able to find, is how wide that Minneapolis restroom stall really is, so I can do my own calculations concerning how wide a sitting wide stance has to be. If any reader has that dimension, please share it with me.

As to commentary about the Lauer-Craig interview and the situation generally, here is what I believe to be a great set of observations by Andrew Sullivan. I couldn't express my feelings any better than he does on Larry Craig's own inconvenient truth.

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Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | October 18, 2007 8:20 AM

Watching Craig mount a full scale campaign to hide his interest in other men makes me so glad that I came out of the closet at 16. I can't even begin to imagine the amount of energy it must take to continue day after day to tell the entire world what is so clearly a lie.

Craig may not be gay, but he is not 100% straight either. My hope is that LGBT youth will look at him and think there is no way I want to live my life like that.

I agree with most of what Sullivan said. I was about to post again about Craig, because I didn't watch the interview and am not saturated (I can never get enough Larry!! Never!), but maybe I should rethink. I'm thinking there is a point where enough is enough. Oh, well.

My hope is that LGBT youth will look at him and think there is no way I want to live my life like that.

Amen, Brother Crawford! Maybe he'll be a positive LGBTQ role model after all...

Marla R. Stevens Marla R. Stevens | October 19, 2007 12:57 AM

I, too, found it excruciating -- and I even got a break from it when my more sensible wife had had enough and demanded that I read her her bedtime story (a chapter from Robert Wiener's "Live From Baghdad: Making Journalism History Behind the Lines" that provided considerable and much needed comic relief) -- and share your assessment of Sullivan's sensitive and insightful commentary.

The couple were simultaneously such rubes and so calculating -- he so fatuously devoid of integrity and so bound by fear and ignorance in quest of power and privilege and she such a strange combination of pitifully clueless deer-in-headlights and vicious taken-for-granted-as-justified bigotry (more apparent in her face with the sound muted) -- living anachronisms both, who Phyllis dismissed as so much dust thrown to the wind with, "They sooooooo deserve each other."