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McClurkin bobs and weaves, Team Obama scrambles as HRC lowers the boom

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The backpeddling begins...

Gospel music superstar Donnie McClurkin says he was surprised to wake up Tuesday morning to a media firestorm.

... McClurkin told The Associated Press on Monday that "sexuality, everything is a matter of choice." But on Tuesday he told the Tribune that his ideals, and most importantly his ministry, were severely misconstrued.

"I don't believe that even from a religious point of view that Jesus ever discriminated toward anyone, nor do I," McClurkin said in an exclusive interview with the Tribune. "Most of the things that were said were totally out of context and then other things weren't true."

OK. Did these statements not come out of your Grammy-winning mouth, Donnie?

McClurkin has devoted his life to saving children from the cult-like snares of the homosexual recruiters. "The gloves are off," he told the 700 Club. "And if there's going to be a war, there's going to be a war."

or this, comparing gays and lesbians to liars.

McClurkin explains, "There are certain things like, you know, anybody who has a lying problem; they get to the point where they hate being so, having such a lack of character that they make a change."

Further heat is being placed on Obama now, this time coming from HRC:

The Human Rights Campaign has expressed its strong reservations to Obama over his campaign-sponsored tour that features gospel singer Donnie McClurkin.

...By threatening to weigh in strongly, Human Rights Campaign has elevated what began as a controversy in the blogosphere into a full-fledged dilemma for Obama’s campaign.

Senior Obama aides had planned to hash the issue out Tuesday evening and discuss it in a conference call with gay supporters advising the campaign at noon Wednesday, said sources in contact with the campaign.

Oh so, now they are going to bring out the homos to advise them -- they clearly weren't on the speed dial when the bone-headed decision was made to sidle up to the recloseted anti-gay McClurkin.

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Hat tip, Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters.

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Pam, you'll notice that the quote doesn't give us the context of his 700 club remarks.

And understanding evangelical theology, when gay people get compared to "other kinds of sinners" that's not an attempt to dehumanize them, since in evangelical theology, all people all singers in need of god's grace. McClurkin is saying he doesn't discriminate because all of us are sinners. Not ideal, but a good step forward.

The guy is messed up, but he's not the hatemonger people are making him out to be.

I'm pretty sure too that statement that he "devoted his life to saving children from the cult-like snares of the homosexual recruiters" didn't come from McClurkin.

He may not be a "hate monger" but his rhetoric supports those who are.

Agreed, Marti. And of course, the real questions are why was he put on the bill in the first place and why, once positions became known, wasn't he removed?

That, for me, is the real issue...what's more important to Obama: Standing behind what he says in regards to LGBT right or risking annoying some Southern voters? Values, in order to be more than just words, have to be lived as well spoken. Obama's good at talking the talk, but is he as good at walking the walk? I think this seems to indicate that the answer may well be "Maybe not so much.".