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Move Over David E. Kelly...

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because Peter LaBarbera thinks I'm just as talented as you are.

In what will come as a surprise to absolutely no one, the so-called "Americans for Truth About Homosexuality" are in an uproar over last night's episode of the Emmy-winning drama Boston Legal. The episode, which centered around the case of a gay General who was fighting - with the assistance of Candice Bergen - the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" law, was a moving, passionate and brilliantly written look at the damage inflicted by this unconscionable law.

Peter, needless to say, didn't exactly share my thoughts about the show. But he did, in a round-about way, pay me a very high compliment, indeed.

You see, I have the great privilege of being one voice, and one pen, behind Servicemembers Legal Defense Network. As the organization's director of communications, I've been honored to help craft its messaging, coordinate its media work and help build its public reputation. And Peter, apparently, thinks I've done a pretty good job.

Last night's Boston Legal, he writes, "probably could have been written by the SLDN itself."

David E. Kelly ain't got nothin' on me (except, maybe, a few Emmy awards and a bed to share with Michelle Pfeiffer... though, with all due respect to Michelle, I'm more envious of the former than the latter.)

But wait, there's more!

With the wave of a hand, I seem to be able to influence and inspire Hollywood's "elite," too!

"Aren't you tired of the media's and Hollywood's round-the-clock promotion of all things homosexual?," my favorite nemisis Elaine Donnelly asks Peter. "I am. And yet, remember this: they have the money, the influence, the elite network of behind-the-scenes and public backers of their cause."

There she goes again.

What was Chevy Chase's famous comeback to Jane Curtain on Saturday Night Live again?

Oh, yes... allow me to paraphrase here... something like "Elaine, you ignorant..."

Well, you get the picture.

Peter and Elaine, however, clearly do not. Their heads practically explode at the mere thought of honoring our troops' service. But they sure do like to pay homage to each other.

Elaine "is a hero for truth on this and other military issues," Peter says.

And for the record, those would be "other military issues" like keeping women out of the services and confusing the public debate about what the law really says.

Well, I'm sorry, but David E. Kelly ain't got nothin' on Elaine either when it comes to scripting drama and hyperbole.

And while Peter may find SLDN "well-heeled" (despite never having personally seen my classically couture closet collection), it is he and his friends who live in a world of fantasy.

So move over, David E. Kelly, there's a new team of "creative" types coming in, and their "truth about homosexuality" is even less convincing - and less rooted in reality - than the most fantastical of television tales.

[EDITOR'S NOTE:] The quote attributed to Elaine Donnelly via the Americans for Truth website is incorrect. That website is now reporting that it's not a direct quote from Ms. Donnelly, and is now as if the the author said it. We apologize for any misunderstanding.

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE Boston Legal. It's the best show on TV right now - hands down.