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A Maryland court rejected an appeal to prevent tolerance for sexual diversity from being taught in schools. The curricular opponents' main argument was:

Opponents have argued the lessons violate laws protecting free speech and religion.

So their solution was to cut the topic from the school, of course. Makes perfect sense.

They also said the lessons were intolerant to, well, you know who:

In a 15-page motion, opponents say the curriculum wrongly teaches that sexual orientation is “innate,” shows “intolerance and hostility toward the ex-gay community,” and fails to note that gender identity disorder is listed as an illness in the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

Yes, yes, the ex-gays. That groups that could maybe fill up an Applebee's if they all brought their moms and no one asked for them to be actually "ex" anything.

The funniest part about this is that in our heterosexist society, they could have actually gotten their way in court, and I wouldn't be laughing much then. Oh, wait, that's not funny at all.

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