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New Stonewall Democrats Come Out Blazing

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The Stonewall Democrats under the leadership of its new executive director Jon Hoadley have come out smart and serious in the effort to pass a trans-inclusive ENDA. In the week since the drama around the Democratic House leadership's decision to remove gender identity and expression from the bill, Stonewall has played a key role in building LGBT community support an inclusive bill.

First came the letter which the group and eight other organizations signed speaking out against removal of the tran inclusive language from ENDA.

Then came the No Substitute online petition campaign which enabled LGBT Americans not connected to the activist scene to register their support for an inclusive bill.

Now Stonewall has moved swiftly to work with its thousands of members across the country to organize in-district meetings with members of Congress to shore up support among wavering Democrats for an inclusive ENDA.

From the Stonewall website:

Take Action Today on ENDA!

As you may know - Congress recently took a key step towards preserving the original Employment Non-Discrimination Act. We had expected the U.S. House Committee on Education & Labor to take action yesterday on the substitute bill. However, in response to our organizing efforts, the Democratic Leadership decided to postpone action until later this month. This is good news! We have (at best) two short weeks to continue to build our support for the original ENDA.


Over the next few days, we will be working with our Stonewall Democrats chapters to schedule in-district meetings with Democratic Members of the Committee on Education & Labor. Apart from meeting with our chapters, we are encouraging you to schedule your own in-district meeting with a Member if you live in their district.

In your meeting, encourage your Representative to:

a) Strongly support to the original ENDA which includes sexual orientation and gender identity.
b) Oppose moving forward any substitute bill that does not include gender identity.

We have included contact information for Committee Members below. Please note that the main district office is listed first.

We know that many of our members live in the districts of Committee Members. If you do, your in-district meeting will be crucial. And if you live outside of one of the following districts, we will be following up with you shortly.

Thanks so much,

National Stonewall Democrats

-- Encourage people to visit, and take action at, www.NoSubstitutes.org

This is the kind of smart action that we need right now to build support for LGBT legislation.

You can find contact information for the targeted members of the House here.

You can sign the No Substitute petition here.

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Stonewall has kicked!!!

Amazing how they did so damn well with the new Exec. Director having just started when this fiasco was foisted upon the community by "the powers that be" make that "were". It's clear there's going to be a shake up in power relations amoung the national orgs.

Go Jon!!!!!!!!!

bill perdue | October 3, 2007 12:25 PM

The ENDA betrayal by Democrats Frank and Pelosi is a stab in the back, but the only real surprise is that the Log Cabin Republicans, Stonewall Democrats and the Human Rights Campaign were shocked at all.

They've been locked in a political closet and from the start they’ve been clueless about their actual role. By shackling themselves to the parties of bigotry, war and union busting they’ve marginalized themselves. Their loyalty is a given for the reactionaries and rightists who own the twin parties. They're permitted to speak but ignored, encouraged to hustle votes and money but lack even a facade of clout in their parties. The HRC, Stonewall and the Log Cabinites are powerless to prevent the Republicans’ scapegoating and the Democrats betrayals.

The rightist leaders of the Republican and Democratic parties combined to pass laws like the Patriot Act, DOMA, DADT and other laws that relegate us to second class citizenship by force of law. They refuse to impeach Bush and Cheney or to end the war, and most of their presidential candidates support a continuation of the war and its extension into Iran. They have no solution for the economic problems of Americans because they generate them by laws that increase the wealth of the ruling rich.

That’s changing. Driven by massive anger at Bush’s oil piracy, an eroding standard of living and demands for full equality politics are heating up. Last year saw a historic split in the AFL-CIO which divided 50/50 about tossing money at the rightwing Democratic Party or using it to organize the unorganized. The antiwar movement is growing and staying focused on the only solution, immediate and total withdrawal. Our own movement has learned its lessons and developed a notable inclination to bite back when betrayed, witnessed by the letter of civil rights groups about ENDA and the intransigence of the NGLTF. And the beginnings of a new youth radicalization like the 60's and 70’s is fermenting.

The 2008 cycle of the presidential follies will most likely produce a Democratic victory and that will be their downfall. They’re already paying the price for decades of masquerading as the allies of working people, minorities, women, etc. Now they're getting trapped between a rock and a hard place. Growing political volatility will make it nearly impossible for them to continue substituting promises and posturing for real world political results.

We should urge people to vote for left-wing parties instead of wasting their vote on the twin rightwing parties. Our best option is to join and build the union controlled US Labor Party. The LP’s growth will provide a powerful political arena where our agenda for full equality can advance free of dependence on theocrats and backstabbers.

Thank God for Stonewall! Their leadership is welcomed!