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The free French daily Metro had a story up about Cristina Fernández de Kirchner winning the Argentine presidency and becoming that country's first woman leader. Accompanying that story was this:

femme politique.JPG

It asks, "Which female politician is the prettiest?" and includes the results of a web survey.


Wouldn't it be neat if we could have a discussion of a woman in politics that centered around her policies, her positions, her character, and her experience and completely avoided judging her on her looks? Can we at least try?

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Yes, Alex, I totally agree that female politicians should be taken seriously in the same light as male politicians.

Alternately, we might start an effort to sexually objectify male politicians, thus highlighting the sorry fact of American life that truly "handsome" male politicians are few and far between.

But they do surface occasionally. Personally, I've always wanted to get it on with Tony Blair ... but then John Edwards, I bet, would be a nice roll in the hay, too, if he wasn't fussy about the hay getting in his hair ... and of course, here in Indiana, Senator Evan Bayh is our favorite handsome political male that we would enjoy running with naked through the cornfield.

Despite agreeing with you, Alex, I have to admit how much I'm affected by this stuff, too.

My first thought was: This is dumb.

My second thought: Poor Hil ;)

This is not just an unconscious faux pas on the part of the Metro. This is obviously an intentional zinger on their part to highlight their opinion that women are not supposed to taken seriously as politicians, certainly in Argentina and especially in France.

I totally agree, Jillian. When I first came out, I used to joke that the way I knew I was passing convincingly as a woman was when the average man's estimation of my intelligence decreased by about fifty percent.

Unfortunately, this is still very much par for the course not just in politics but in daily life for women. Some places are better than others, of course, but even in the most liberal and progressive spaces I find it to be much more the norm than the exception.

Actually, I think ALL candidates should be rated according to their attractiveness. If politics were a test of hawtness, then we wouldn't have Dick Cheney pulling the strings. And Kim Jong Il? Homeboy needs a makeover. But I guess if you're an evil dictator, it doesn't relaly matter WHAT you look like.

OK, so I'm joking. Thanks for sharing this, Alex. Even if it was in French.