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Splash Bar New York to Bash Victim: "Leave"

Filed By Eric Leven | October 15, 2007 1:23 PM | comments

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Ramone Johnson, gay lifestyle columnist for and author of the column "What would you like to know about Gay Life" was gay bashed outside of the wildly famous and popular Splash Bar New York. Read Johnson's personal account of what happened here. After being punched in the face and kicked in the stomach Johnson retreated to the bathroom of the club to collect himself until a bouncer had found him and told him to leave. Yup, that's right. Leave. On his way out Johnson spotted one of the managers and pleaded with him not to make him leave. The manager's response: "I don't know anything about that!" and sent him back out onto the very streets where Johnson had been physical assaulted only moments ago.

That's right Splash Bar, continue what it is you do best, doing absolutely nothing for the gay community. I'm glad your establishment proved itself completely uninterested in the protection of your own clientele. You're only interested in our money.

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That's an outrageous situation to find yourself in.

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | October 15, 2007 6:13 PM

I never really cared for Splash and now I have more of a reason to dislike the place. Its incredible that they will take as much money as they can get from gay men, but do a thing to help the community or Ramone.

So... according to his account, I could not find a more saddening situation that also contained a healthy amount of stupidity on Ramone's part. Good, this story should be circulated in order to drive that bar bankrupt, but let's examine what happened, and the blatant mistakes Ramone committed.

A gay couple brought forth the ire of some straight driver-by. They decided to stay there. He stopped his car to get out; I have explanation for the sheer stupidity on Ramone's part in thinking that he would appease a raving homophobe who had no problem getting off the car to continue yelling epithets, not to mention the basher's friend also got down. Just when he got in Ramone's face did he decide to try to leave. You do not run away from a straight man wanting to harm you, ever; it just ebbs his predatory, sadistic rampage on. There were three gay men there; there were two straight men, and these straight men were also near a gay bar where some gay men could come to the others' aid. As expected, Ramone failed to stand his ground. What's worse, even when Ramone tried to escape and failed, being assaulted by the other basher, where were his friends? I am flabbergasted that these gay men did nothing to defend their own friend who tried to shield them; there is no more absolute example what pansies some gay men can be.Afterwards, they didn't even bother to call the police to file a report, as I didn't see mention of it in the article. Apparently the pansies Ramone has for "friends" didn't even bother to check the car's plate.

This is characteristic of the gay community. They expect to be protected by some third party. All these hate crimes one sees happen in such a manner because the victims are so wholly incompetent in self-defense. If you don't want to even risk a scratch from physical combat, at least carry a gun on yourself, for goodness's sake! How many hate crimes will have to happen before the gay community realizes that they have to be active in their own defense? I'm pretty sure that if gay men put a good bullet on every straight man that intended to assault them, they wouldn't be seen as such easy prey to constantly pick on; they'd find some other minority to bash. I also see that this community is so indifferent to their own members' victimization. If there's one thing that Hispanics and blacks got right in their movements, it's how to make a shitstorm whenever one of their own was harmed. They let out Hell until the case got media coverage. This community simply does not want to get its hands' dirty from hard work. It's all parties and cocktails and parades. Where is the righteous anger you see on the other movements? I grow ever more frustrated at how passive the gay community is. Look at Australia, for example; the community over there even sets night vigils. I am so sorry that people like Ramone have to serve as a catalyst to galvanize the community.

On the face of it, Ramone's story is an indictment of Splash. However, I'm reluctant to pass judgment until learning the bouncers' and manager's interpretation of the events. An incident like this happens very quickly, so perhaps the staff was interpreting things differently, based upon their knowledge at the time. Splash in not the evil empire; let's first give them the benefit of the doubt.