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Tech Gossip Magazine Tackles Trans-Issue

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The technology gossip/information site ValleyWag had in interesting post about a Microsoft manager, Megan Wallent, who is transitioning from male to female, called "Microsoft's Sex Change." What I find most interesting about the article is that the trans-issue takes a backseat to the basic gender question: "Can a woman, transgendered or otherwise, thrive at Microsoft? Has the culture moved away from its testosterone roots and embraced a way that's more friendly to women as managers?"

It was refreshing that the article moved beyond what most media would focus on, the transition, and got to the deeper issue of gender-based discrimination within the company, all the while referring to Wallent as a woman in a very factual matter. The article moves beyond the usual bias that comes with trans-stories and focuses on what Wallent might face after her transition, stating, "How will Wallent's developers react when they come to work on January 2 and it hits them: They're working for a girl?"

Of course, some of the comments on the post descended into the usual "What about bathrooms" talk that usually accompany trans-issues (sigh...), but the article is worth a read for the matter of fact way it deals with the story.

Thanks to fellow blogger Ron Mills for bringing this story to my attention!

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I'm amazed at how much people focus on bathrooms.

The only time I think about public bathrooms is when I can't wait to get home. Then I think about how messy they are... and where is the nearest one?

But isn't it refreshing to see the tone of the article focus on something else other than toilets? As if trans folk had no bigger worry than which room to sit down and pee in.

Yeah, but the article still had to touch on it at the end.

Hey, what about all the homos and senators in bathrooms?

that was an interesting article.
one of the better ones i have seen in the last couple of years just two points...

Unfortunately the transgender community has gone overboard on political correctness. When you have Sex Reassignment you are changing your sex. Therefore to see the term sex change as derogatory is living in a state of denial. I don't understand the hang-up with that term.....

The other thing....

Bathrooms; Sigh
Actually both sides of the coin are obsessed with bathrooms. The problem with bathrooms and the workplace stems from the employers obligation to maintain harmony in the workplace.

for those who think the voices heard here are the voices of the TG/TS communities i would suggest some reading Here
This is what the other half thinks and how they live.

Take Care
Sue Robins