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The inmates will be in charge of the asylum

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We have some important news this week about your editorial team... We're going to have some minor shake-ups starting immediately.

megaphone1.gifOur spectacular content editor, Alex Blaze, is moving to France tomorrow. He'll be stepping away from his duties on the site for a couple of weeks while he gets settled in. We wish Alex safe travels and a speedy return. I am running a City-County Councilor's campaign for re-election here in Indianapolis in a year when incumbents are really frowned upon. Starting next week, I'll be consumed by the campaign. My posting frequency will more than likely go down considerably until after the election.

Running the Project, with (as of this Friday) 40 contributors, is a daunting task. Alex and I have both been a little overwhelmed sometimes by how popular the site has become and all of the editing and management the site now requires. (Let alone Jerame's constant work-load of getting the site back to it's pre-software upgrade usability!) Because of this we've decided to expand our editorial staff. We've asked 3 contributors to join us as associate editors.

Marti Abernathey, Michael Crawford, and Rebecca Juro will be joining the editorial team immediately. They will be helping to moderate comments, edit posts, keep content levels up and work with contributors. The associate editors will be in charge on the weekends.

Please join me in welcoming Marti, Michael, and Rebecca as new editorial team members! We work hard to bring you the best spot on the web for LGBT commentary and I'm confident that these three folks will help to make the Project even better.

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Congrats to all!!!

I second that.

Congratz folks :)


Sounds fun -- welcome everyone to your new duties... And, Alex -- congratulations on getting over to France again!

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | October 3, 2007 6:48 AM


When can we talk about my expense account? BTW, I would like to use the company NYC condo next weekend.

Congratulations Alex! I am sure that the French boys are shaking with anticipation.