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What should we call you?

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Okay, so we have a dilemma...

Over at Pam's House Blend, the readers and contributors are called "Blenders." At my friend Liss's blog, Shakespeare's Sister, they're Shakers. (Happy belated three year birthday, btw! We started our blogs within a week of each other!)

questionmark_1.gifSo what should we call Project readers/contributors? Every blog needs a good nickname for the community members! Bilericons, as Liss suggested? Bilerico-ites? Bilericonians?

The floor is open to suggestions.

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Bilericons I like from a purely sonic perspective (sounds like robots). But I think it might give the wrong impression (from a purely neo-con perspective).

Might I suggest the fairly simple Bilericos?

I like Bilericons!

If it needs to be shorter how about Bilos

Geez, I suck at this...

I would just like to point out that it is called the Bilerico PROJECT, why not call us Projectionists?

I'm thinking Projectors. Like the Dirty Projectors the band, like we really just like the band, and then we can be surprised when people suggest that it came from the Bilerico Project, haha.

But seriously, Blenders, Shakers, Projectors. I like the fact that it has an "or" at the end.

Personally, I refer to the body of Bilerico readers as the Bilegeoisie ...

... (pronounced "bil LEEJH wah ZAY" --- thought I better tell people how to pronounce it in the state where Versailles is pronounced "vur SAILS"!!) ...

... but I fully expect this suggestion to sink like a lead balloon (made in China, no doubt) just like all my other ideas.

Ellen Andersen Ellen Andersen | October 9, 2007 4:03 PM

How 'bout the Beeps? Or the Beepers? (For Bilerico Project, of course.)

So far Beepers and Projectors are my top two suggestions. Anyone else have a favorite?

Zach Adamson | October 9, 2007 11:13 PM

Maybe add a little Sci-Fi to it... ProgectorONs.. like Klingons... or.... Never mind.. I'll stop there.. I think Ive said enough..

I like yours, Allen! It just might be a little hard to pronounce for people without a background in French, but I still think it's a great play on words.

Not that I'm entitled to an opinion, but I gotta go with Projectors. It's the one that makes the most sense.