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What?!? Another GOP repressed homosexual sex scandal? Whodathunkit?

officialsausagesuckersealzu5.jpgLet's do a quick recap before we get into the details of this particular scandal, shall we? Reverend Gary Aldridge, a Jerry Falwell flack, was found dead from autoerotic asphyxiation while wearing two (2!) full body wetsuits (including the flippers!) with a dildo shoved up his ass. Glenn Murphy, the head of the Young Republicans, was busted (for the second time!) sucking off a fellow baby Repub while the guy slept. And then there's all the tearoom action going on! Bob Allen - the Florida legislator caught soliciting an undercover cop in a park. Louisiana state senatorial candidate Joey DiFatta didn't learn his lesson the first time (yup, another repeat offender!) and was arrested after soliciting an officer where he was supposed to be peeing. And of course, there's also Senator Larry Craig who also likes to pretend he's part of the mile-high club while still in the concourse.

This week's Pervert of the Week is... *drumroll please*

Brown County Wisconsin GOP chair Donald Fleischman. Mr. Fleischman likes to let teenaged runaways sleep over at his house. He provided one boy some pot and alcohol and then turned into Mr. Grabby McHands. According to the Green Bay Press Gazette:

The boy said Fleischman provided him with beer and marijuana, the complaint said. The boy told police that when he would go to bed, Fleischman would fondle him and that on one occasion he awoke to find Fleischman at the foot of his bed masturbating.

You can read a copy of the criminal complaint here.

In good gay news, millions of American gay men have discovered a new way to act out their "straight guy" fantasies. Join the Republican Party - where gay is okay! (As long as it doesn't end up in the newspapers right now!)

Bah. Hypocrites.

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Another product of a repressed and backwards society.

Vote for out queers in committed relationships.

You know who they're sleeping with.

Just remember what Al Franken (or is it Jon Stewart?) says: Not all anti-gay Republicans are gay.