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Would ENDA Protect?

Filed By Marti Abernathey | October 20, 2007 5:11 PM | comments

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If a modern day Paul Lynde got fired from his job, would he get fired for his sexual orientation, or his gender identity?

How about Rosie O'Donnell or Jack McFarland?

Gender Identity... it's not just for transgender people.

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you continue to scare me by reading my mind.

You might not want to admit it and the i share those feelings but i am faced with the possibility we might be on the same side of this fence.

So i have to ask you.
Why do EVEN bother with GLB issues.

Why not tell them where to get off and just live your live?

Most of the TG and TS identified people don't have discrimination issues. or even don't even care about ENDA.

it doesn't effect you and I.
Let the Gays learn the hard way.

Take care
Susan Robins

I know he was straight as a drunk could be, but, hell - Dino was making a few gestures that I think would make him be greatful for the inclusive ENDA.

You got me thinking, so instead of the comment I was going to post here, I put it on my blog. Good thought, Marti!

I think we all know the answer to your question, Marti. You've hit the target once again.

Dear Sue Robins, I would like to join you on your planet.

Would ENDA protect anyone?

Just sayin', and just leaving it for the comments as well, anti-discrimination leg doesn't seem to do much. Like employers, instead of saying that they're firing someone for gender ID or sexual orientation or race or religion or whatever can just make up incompetence or an excuse to fire you. Or at least that's what they did at the job I lost b/c I was gay. I had the best evaluations at the place, but that didn't stop them, and neither did VT's anti-discrimination law....

Maybe I'm just ignorant of the way things really work.

Alex ENDA is not going to protect anyone, end of story.

Join me on Planet Mainstream.

Take care
Susan RObins