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Another reason to question Kucinich's sanity

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Dennis Kucinich has said who he'd want as a running mate, and it's Bilerico's favorite homophobe:

kucinich121106.jpg"I'm thinking about Ron Paul" as a running mate, Kucinich told a crowd of about 70 supporters at a house party here, one of numerous stops throughout New Hampshire over the Thanksgiving weekend. A Kucinich-Paul administration could bring people together "to balance the energies in this country," Kucinich said.

It would create a stunning, if dizzying, blend of beliefs, wedding two politicians who hold different views on abortion rights, the role of government in providing health care, and the use of government in fostering -- or hampering -- the public's greater good. Those are among the reasons it would never work, said a spokesman for Paul, a Texas congressman and doctor.

A stunning blend of politics indeed. Everyone would have something to hate about a campaign like that.

The interesting thing about an article about both Paul and Kucinich is that Paul looks politically astute by comparison:

"Dr. Paul and Rep. Kucinich are friends and there is a lot of mutual respect," Paul communications director Jesse Benton said in an e-mail when asked whether a running-mate spot on the Kucinich ticket would be attractive to Paul. "They have worked, and will continue to work, together on ending the war and protecting civil liberties.

"However, Ron wants to substantially cut the size and scope of the federal government. There are too many differences on issues such as taxes and spending to think a joint ticket would be possible."

Gee, even Paul gets it. You can't have the running mate going out giving stump speeches about how an "individual rights framework" means that DADT works and whining about how not everyone buys his interpretation of the Constitution while the presidential candidate is talking about "Spirit and Stardust".

Well, I suppose you could. And it'd sure be funny....

And what if the K-Man dies before he gives us all health care? Well, Paul can start working on dismantling the meager SCHIP we have now. Or if Dennis leaves office while working on gay marriage, Paul can have the presidency to work on passing legislation to overturn Lawrence and Roe.

Maybe Dennis wasn't quite the political mastermind we thought he was in the first place. Naming someone to the press as a possible running mate when he obviously hasn't even talked to the guy beforehand? Sheesh. The main reason Kucinich isn't going to win isn't that he's progressive - it's that he's an awful campaigner who's not even seriously trying.

But they are both opposed to the war. And Kucinich's position on reproductive autonomy before he decided he needed to run as the radical in '04 is close to Paul's current position on the "greatest moral issue of our time."

Common ground, common ground.

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I've always had a lot of respect for Congressman Kucinich, but this is just b-i-z-a-r-r-e. As someone who holds very strong beliefs about privacy (including on abortion and gay rights) and the government's role in bettering Americans' lives, it seems incomprehensible that Kucinich would consider Paul as a running mate. (Of course, we all know, too, that we'll never get to the point of Kucinich having to worry about picking a running mate).

Maybe that UFO Kucinich said he saw was actually Ron Paul. Nothing else would seem to explain this bizarre proclamation from the Congressman.

Now you know this wont ever happen but is funny but do you folks know that both Dennis and Ron are running to keep there seats in congress to.So these Presidentual runs are just an extended congressional campaign.Nice to be able to have a backup job to go to when the convention is over.

What a bizarre story...

But maybe it would be like the Odd Couple, or Burt and Ernie-- a weird love/hate match...

Brynn Craffey Brynn Craffey | November 27, 2007 3:06 PM

Oh, man. Say it isn't so. Kucinich has been my favorite up til now. :-(

It's a sad testament to the marginalizing of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party that Kucinich is the only person naive enough to take on the Party establishment. He's certainly the candidate most aligned with my politics, but this kind of airheaded WTFery makes it hard to get too enthused about him. C'mon, I know it's gotta be possible to do better than this....

I agree, Mel. That's the worst part about this - it proves that Dems can only handle someone who's real if s/he's a bit of a nut and not politically astute at all. Why can't we have a mainstream and viable candidate who supports a single-payer health care system, pulling out of Iraq, not nuclear first-striking Iran, full textual equality for queers, etc., etc.?

I noticed that the article says he said that to a group at a house party - not "naming someone to the press as a potential running mate." Is it possible that this was a joke but got picked up on seriously?

I'm guessing the press was at the house party, and even if they weren't he really ought to have known what was up.

And I think the joke theory falls with the quote from his wife from a different time and the Paul campaign quotes.

Marla R. Stevens Marla R. Stevens | November 28, 2007 2:12 AM

... left with nothin' to do but scratch my head then shake it ... I know the bastards have you down enough that you're constantly tempted to say wacky things just to see if the MSM is awake and listening but you gotta know their Cheshire Cat drill by now. Let's show some dignity, Dennis, please!