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Black Friday open thread

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Ah, the day after Thanksgiving - another low visitor day - is upon us. You know what that means! Open thread!!

black_friday.jpgYou've stuffed your bellies with a Thanksgiving feast. You've watched football until your eyes bled and you've heard all about Great Aunt Petunia's recent colonoscopy. But what do you do on the day after Thanksgiving?

Black Friday - the day most retail stores go "into the black" and start making a profit for the year - is today. What're you going to do? Hitting any good sales? Get up early to go fight the crowds? Or has George W's economy hit you in the pocketbook so hard you can't afford to do much shopping this year? If you went shopping, did you get anything good? On sale!?

Consider this the "OMG I can't believe I got it this low!" thread.

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contemplating whether i'm going or not. i've got a ton of stuff to do here, but lisa is going with her sister, so i may. i'm sure all the 'good' stuff is gone by now.

Don Sherfick Don Sherfick | November 23, 2007 9:43 AM

Jerry and I are following a pattern we've observed for several years. We stay in all day. Castleton Square Mall is about three miles away, and prior experiences in getting sucked into the BFBH (Black Friday Black Hole) vortex have made us decide that we just ought to rest and let our digestive systems come back into some semblance of equiliiberium after Thanksgiving Day.

Tommorrow (known by some holding onto Catholic tradition as "The Saturday Within the Octave of Black Friday") we will likely venture out, maybe to our mailbox across the street, but continuing to avoid the congestion.

Sunday will also see some caution. Beyond that, it won't make any difference because we'll likely have missed out on deep discounts, anyway.

Actually, today is BUY NOTHING DAY, so I'm not going to spend any money.

Free yourself of consumerist conformity!! You don't have to shop just because it is the lead news story on every station.

Instead so see Reverend Billy's new film: "What Would Jesus Buy"

Stop the Shopocalypse!!

Motion for a Blog - not buy - Holiday! My girlfriend and I are staying in where its warm and safe.

I don't do the Holiday/X-mas thing as Bil & Alex know...

I'm gonna venture down to the corner & get my haircut....then come back & finish my book...

As for X-mas: My parents & my grandmother are the only people I buy "gifts" for; Everyone else: Every year I write a new X-mas story that I email them on X-mas Eve....

I totally avoid the whole consumer thing

We had Turkey Day dinner at Jerame's folks yesterday, but today is dinner with our family of choice. (So we'll be gone most of the day today.) We never go shopping either. I don't like big crowds, so I avoid it like the plague.

Since we don't celebrate Christmas, we don't worry about the "holiday sales." We stay away from Castleton too - no reason to go there.

We're going over to see the new movie about Bob Dylan - several actors portray Dylan at different points in his life. This is playing at Keystone Arts Cinema. Looking forward to sinking down in the seat after consuming loads of Thanksgiving food - and enjoying the film! Hope you all had a good day yesterday! :)

San Francisco Chronicle

Not all buy into Black Friday - some make point of sitting it out

Kelly Zito, Chronicle Staff Writer

Friday, November 23, 2007

"Downtown, near some of the busiest - and glitziest - shopping action, about a dozen 'striking elves' will carry signs with the slogans 'Santa's Toys: All the Lead Paint you can EAT!' and 'What do we want? NOTHING! When do we want it? NOW!'"