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(I can see that we have a lot of new commenters on the site. Register to comment so they go up faster! ~Alex)

Leaving comments is fun, and it's a lot more fun if you can see your comment go up instantly!

You can register as a trusted commenter here at the Project. All you have to do is sign in down at the end of the comments section with your LiveJournal, OpenID, Movable Type, Type Key, or Vox user name. If you don't have one of those, you can sign up for one there with Movable Type or Type Key. It's really easy, and then Bil can make you a trusted commenter after your first comment. No more waiting for Bil or me to get out of the shower and approve your comments!

We also allow basic HTML for hyperlinks, blockquotes, and cool styles. I have a basic explanation of that after the jump. (Don't miss it if you like commenting here - it's good stuff.)

Here are some cool things you can do in the comments here to make what you say look snazzy.

Hyperlink: A hyperlink is that thing where the text you're reading turns green and is underlined for a few words and you can click on it to go to another webpage.

Like this.

The way you'd type something like that into a post is like this:

<a href="">Like this</a>

Make sure to use the "http://"! This also helps to keep long URL's in the content column instead of drifting off to the side of the browser.

Blockquote: Do you like quoting others? This helps to delineate what you say and what someone else is saying, like this dude says:

Kneeling comes naturally for a priest. Mm-hmm. Doesn't Mark Jordan estimate that 2/3 of priests have G-cards? Well, then. I'm going to say that this is more likely than not a blow job joke.

Just put in blockquote tags - <blockquote>Quoted text</blockquote> - and you get some indentation action.

Stylized text: Do some fun stuff with text. DON'T FORGET THAT ALL CAPS MAKES YOU SOUND CRAAAAAAAAZY AND NO ONE WILL TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY. Italics and bold are good substitutes:

  • <b>bold</b>
  • <u>underlined</u>
  • <i>italics</i>
  • <strike>strike through</strike>
  • <center>This centers text on the page</center>

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By the way, Alex ... how often do you and Bil make it a point to shower together? I had no idea ... If I become a Bilerico editor someday, will I be invited to make it a threesome?

... just wondering ... *grins*

Don Sherfick Don Sherfick | September 5, 2007 7:25 AM

I think it was Ben Franklin who said "We must all shower together or we will all shower separately." Or something like that. Maybe it was Larry Craig.

I checked in here to see what comments could possibly have been left on this post.

*backs slowly out of the thread*

LOL, Don and Allen.

Just what I was thinking, Bil. I wasn't expecting any either.

If people don't start commenting more, I'm going to have to do more posts about Madonna . . . and we KNOW how worked up everyone gets about that!

Oh please Not Madonna

why doesn't Chris Crocker defend Madonna?

Maybe it's an age thing

Take Care

Don: You got the quotation right, but I'm not sure whether it came from Ben Franklin or Burt Reynolds.

While making the movie The Longest Yard, Burt Reynolds supposedly told a movie magazine interviewer that he was a little pissed off at, "I'm not making this movie because I love football --- I'm making it because I love taking showers with black guys."

Now, I realize that Ben Franklin lived long before Burt Reynolds ... but Ben Franklin was an outspoken abolitionist, and I think that has to be the quote that you must be thinking of.

I mean, it all makes perfect sense, right?

Don Sherfick Don Sherfick | October 7, 2007 8:19 PM

Another first for Bilerico! Just take a look at the Alex's initial post, bearing a date of October 7th, and then note that comments 1 through 6 are dated BEFORE that in September. I haven't yet watched the first two episode of Journeyman, a new NBC series just after HEROS involving time travel.

With comments now PRECEEDING the postings, now we contributors can gage reactions before we commit. Larry Craig will be arrested BEFORE anyone gets tapped...... Jarame, you are indeed a technical wizard!

Just because I know Don's comment is going to confuse some of our readers - Alex keeps changing the date on this post about commenting. It's been ran on several days now. Jerame's good, but he's not that good. :)

Jerame's good, but he's not that good. :)

Oh yes, he is! ...

Just as I was once a "mainframe God" --- Jerame is now the "server God" meaning that he probably has security clearance to "zap" data directly on the server's hard disk and make it say anything he wants it to ... in fact, how can any of us trust anything here on the Bilerico website? How do I know that Bil and Alex even really exist? Maybe Jerame is just making them up ... and, when you think about it, for that matter ...

... Oh my God! I just figured out what's really happening! ...

... Bilerico doesn't have forty different contributors! It's just Jerame pretending he's forty different people!

... and my post last week, you know, the one that's so embarrassing, the one I don't even remember having posted ... You guessed it! JERAME DID IT! He doctored the server so that it looks like I made all those zany comments that I didn't really make! Do you actually think I would post something creepy and icky about corn dog porno? Wow, I sure wish that Jerame could find something better to do with his life than to spend all that time and technical genius making me look insipid!

Oh, Jerame, what did I do to deserve this? ... (* hysterical sobbing *) ... Bil! ... Alex! ... Don! ... you call this silly thread "commenting fun" but I've figured out what it actually is: it's a conspiracy to drive me insane!

... Is this reality, or am I still stuck in The Matrix? Is Jerame maybe "The One"? Did I swallow the Red Pill or the Blue Pill? ... Obi-Wan! You've got to help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi! You're my only hope! ... Oh, what a world! What a world! I'm melting! Oh my god! I'm melting! You damn little bitch with your fancy ruby slippers and that goddamn yapping Toto-dog of yours! I'll get you, my pretty! ... I'll get you! ... You won't get away with this! ... When I get ahold of that magic golden ring, all of Modor will be mine! All the creatures collected at the foot of Pride Rock will shout, "All hail Adrian!" ... Brad! Janet! Dr. Scott! ... Magenta! Columbia! ... Just remember, this is still the Bates Motel and my mother is still in charge! ... And just wait until Blanche gets better and wakes up, I'm gonna tell her what you've been doing to me, Baby Jane! ... "Klaatu! Barata! Nekto! ... Klaatu! Barata! Nekto!" That's what I'll say to her! ... Oh my God! Look at the sky! Look at those telephone wires! ... The seagulls are flocking to attack again! The seagulls are diving and pecking at me again! Look! That guy just dropped his cigarette in the flowing gasoline, and the service station is about to explode! ... Run, Bambi! ... RUN!!

P.S. (* between sobs *) Has anyone seen where I misplaced my Ritalin and my Prozac? I sure hope I find them soon ... It must be going on a week now ...

Alas, no image tags.

So I can't tell everyone how close we are to the rapture unless they click the link. :)

After my last unsuccessful registration attempt, I now get a message saying my user name already exists.

Could you perhaps zap that username so I can try registering again.

Beergoggles: I went to check out what happened. It sent you a confirmation e-mail that you didn't reply to. (Perhaps it got caught in your SPAM filter. That's happened to a few others.) I activated your account for you. Username is beergoggles. You know the password. Sorry for any problems. If anyone else is having this issue, contact us through the link above.

Alex, you resurrect this thread every so often just to keep me in a life-long state of embarrassment, don't you?

By the way, I have never been able to get the strike through HTML tags to work ... will they work this time? They don't work when I preview this comment.

Let's see here. strike strike strike... a pose!





Ah, the del tags work. Not the strike or s tags.