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Congratulations to Joe.My.God.

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Well, voting is closed. It looks like the winner of the 2007 Weblog Award for Best LGBT Blog is Joe.My.God. We came in 2nd place. Not too shabby for a blog that just re-launched nationally in July, eh? And if we're going to get spanked, who better to do it than a bear? *grins*

Many thanks to everyone that voted for us. Big thanks to AfterElton, Scott-O-Rama, Left of Centrist, Ft. Wayne Left, Blue Indiana, BlogActive, Bloggernista, Suburban Lesbian Housewife, Town Called Dobson, Below the Belt, Brent's Blog, Becky's Blog, and BuckHollywood for endorsing us and asking folks to send a vote our way. (If I missed your endorsement, let us know in the comments so we can thank you appropriately!) We appreciate the votes of confidence.

And most of all, we appreciate you - our readers - for nominating us to start with.

Final results were:

  1. Joe.My.God - 30.8%
  2. The Bilerico Project - 25.3%
  3. Pam's House Blend - 21.7%
  4. Gay Patriot - 8.3%
  5. Susie Bright's Journal - 5%
  6. Average Gay Joe - 2.6%
  7. Mombian - 2.3%
  8. Fetch Me My Axe - 1.9%
  9. Republic of T - 1.3%
  10. Keith Boykin - .8%

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Congratulations Bil! I don't think 2nd place is too shabby - you got lots of votes!!!! You're doing a great job - keep it up! xxxxxxx

Don Sherfick Don Sherfick | November 9, 2007 3:16 PM

I second (no pun intended....well, yes there was) Annette's kudos! Pretty neat, in my book. Happy to be on board. To the LGBT Blog Superbowl next time!

You'd have had it if Pam's place hadn't split the vote.

Congrats, Bil.

Congrats... that's nothing to be ashamed of considering I hadn't even heard of you until a couple of months back.

So is Pam the Ralph Nader of this election?

I prefer to think of her as the Ross Perot. She still got us a Democrat in office. *grins* No seriously, Pam deserved every vote she got.

Go Joe!

And Pam did awesome!

This is pretty cool considering how young our site is.

I was thinking the same thing, Alex. Considering how short of time Bilerico has been published in its present form, the amount of votes we got, especially up against well-deserving vets like Joe and Pam, is nothing less than astounding. We should all be exceptionally proud...for us, this totally is a victory.

And hey, just wait until next year...