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positivefinger.jpgI think so. I found this image on the net.This is right up my alley. In my opinion and experience, all it takes is an image like this to remind sexually active gays and straights to simply put on condom and/or make safer choices. To me, this image illuminates the idea that although manageable, HIV leaves a permanent mark within one's body and within one's life. Thoughts?

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I thought the message was that you can get HIV through paper cuts.

Maybe I'm just too literal.

My first thought was it was an add from the Red Cross, but once I tuned into your text and realized that it is symbolizing how a cut can lead to a positive status. I think the image of the Red Cross logo is okay too - because Lord knows that HIV has really wreaked havoc on our world and we could use some disaster relief for it too.

I thought it was something for the Red Cross as well. I don't think I would have made the connection to HIV based on the picture alone.

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | November 3, 2007 1:16 AM

I made the connection to HIV, but I think most people would not.

This image does very little for me --- but if other people like it, then go for it.

To me, the image does not work. I do not what it means before I read the wording carefully. I just sent it to the anonymous STD community pozgroup dot com, few of their members know what it means even all of them have at least one type of STD.