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Fewer Hoosiers support marriage amendment, Mitch Daniels, Republicans, new poll shows

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The Indianapolis Star is reporting a recent WTHR/Star poll showing that less than half of Hoosiers support a constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage:

The poll, based on the responses of 600 people statewide, found that 49 percent of Hoosiers supported the amendment. That number is down from 56 percent in a March 2005 survey by The Star.

Of the respondents, 44 percent said they opposed a constitutional ban, up from 40 percent in 2005.

Local fundi politician Eric Miller, of course, is trying to spin these results his way:

“There will be more than adequate time to deal with property taxes and pass an amendment protecting marriage,” said Miller, founder of Advance America, a conservative activist group.

Miller said the poll still shows more Hoosiers favor the ban than oppose it and deserve the opportunity to vote on the measure.

Maybe this is why they were so concerned about getting this amendment on the ballot in 2008. Support for the amendment banning same-sex marriage (among other, unspecified things) is only going one way, and that way isn't up.

Or maybe the reason they wanted it on the 2008 ballot so badly wasn't because of same-sex marriage itself, but because our good governor is up for reelection? The same poll is showing that governor Mitch Daniels is in trouble in Democratic match-ups:

If the election were held today, former Congresswoman Jill Long Thompson and Indianapolis architect Jim Schellinger could edge Daniels out, the poll found.

Of the 449 people surveyed who said they were likely to vote in the 2008 election, 44 percent said they would back Thompson if their choice was between Thompson and Daniels, while the governor received support from 43 percent of those surveyed.

In a match-up between Schellinger and Daniels, Schellinger was ahead 44 percent to 40 percent.

Damn. A year until the election and both top Dems are edging out the incumbent Republican governor. (And I'm willing to bet that far fewer Hoosiers even know who Thompson and Schellinger are compared to Daniels, so the campaign season can't do too badly for them).

The article cites privatization of the toll road, the property tax fiasco, and daylight savings as the main reasons people are leaving his camp. (Hoosiers voted governor the chief architect behind the Bush's budget deficit and now the state has financial woes. Surprise!) State Republicans won't have same-sex marriage to talk about in 2008, so they're going to have to talk about substantive issues, and no Republican likes to do that, especially with substantive issues being what they are in Indiana.

Or maybe the anti-marriage amendment was an attempt to help out the next Republican presidential candidate. Bush's approval rating's at 28% in the red Hoosier state, and the generic Republican/Democrat presidential match-up for 2008 isn't looking all that great for the Republicans:

So what does all this mean when Hoosiers vote for president next year? The poll says 37 percent are likely to vote for the Democratic nominee while only 32 percent would vote for the Republican.[...]

Indiana's most popular politician is still Senator Evan Bayh. In fact, if he is on the Democratic national ticket this year, Hoosier support for the Democrats goes from 37 percent to 47 percent.

Oh, well! None of this matters to the amendment debate, though, because there's no way it's getting on the '08 ballot. Since there's no gubernatorial or presidential race in 2010, I'm going to say "Better luck in 2012, amendment supporters!"

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