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Happy Thanksgiving!

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There may or may not be any semblance of agreement among the contributors to The Bilerico Project, or its regular or casual readership generally, as to whether or not "we have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving." Your reaction to that long-standing platitude may well depend on whether it's raining, whether or not your flight's been delayed or cancelled, if your other half left the refrigerator door open last night, you're unhappy/resigned to a non-trans-inclusive ENDA, think Barack Obama does/doesn't have a chance of beating Hillary, believe/don't believe/don't much care whether former Bush Press Secretary Scott McClellan's book excerpt about Dick Cheney and George W's misleading him will lead to impeachment, or any one of a zillion factors competing for attention in your life right now.

I have a lot to be thankful for today: a wonderful partner (our 14th turkey day today), great friends and family, an opportunity to help fight a "marriage amendment" in my own state, a roof over my head, Internet service generally uninterrupted, and somewhat less than a zillion other things. This morning I happily chose to emphasize them over those zillion-minus-a-few things that I'm not or less-than-thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving! Whatever you're doing, wherever you're reading this from, whoever you're with....hug them tight today and tell them you're glad they are part of your life. (If you're not, lie a little unless that's just too much to ask even today.) Eat, drink, sexually recreate, and be merry....for tomorrow is Black Friday, and the stores will open very early. Turkeys of the world have only your good credit ratings to lose!

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I agree Don,
Happy Thanksgiving!

Sue Robins