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A Washington State legislator, Richard Curtis (R, La Center), resigned yesterday after busting himself on soliciting prostitution with someone of the same sex.

CurtisCastagna.jpgAccording to the police report, they met up in a porn shop, Curtis was engaged in some kind of sex there, they went to a hotel room, Curtis offered Cody Castagna $100 for gas, Castagna left in the night and called Curtis saying that he had his wallet and that he wanted the $1000 he was promised to bareback, and then Castagna went to the police to file a report that he was blackmailed.

Right after that, he apparently remembered that he was a politician in a sex-phobic and homophobic culture and married, and he clammed up, claiming that he was drugged. Castagna says that he didn't extort him, rather that he just offered a service and then wanted to get paid.

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There are lots of other details. I'm not going to go through them here because, frankly, that's part of the problem, not the solution. But you can go read all the salaciousness at Pam's.

I'm more concerned here about the fact that the dude was forced to resign over having consensual sex with another adult. Sure, he was probably lying to his wife. And he barebacked. And he promised and refused to pay the other adult. And he wore women's lingerie. And he was engaged in some kind of public sex.

But do I want to live in a country where any or all of those things mean that someone's a bad legislator? I think it'd be rather affirming to have an openly gay kinkster in office somewhere. Sure, I know the dude's lying about it and that he helped to make his own bed with his politics. But I'm thinking that the press coverage that surrounds this incident, the sexy, sexy details and the rhetoric of doing "the right thing" and resigning, isn't helping to bring us to end homophobia and make these stories a non-issue.

Because, in the end, we have a legislator who engaged in freaky sex (nothing I would personally be into. I mean, a backwards, upside-down visor? Seriously?) and was forced to resign his job. Isn't that textbook regulation of sexuality? Aren't we against the regulation of sexuality?

I feel like a "Perverts of the world: Unite!" would be appropriate here. But I'm thinking that Curtis wouldn't unite with us.

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See, this is why I love politics. If I was a politician, I'd be having kinky sex day and night. In the Capitol Rotunda. At the Lincoln Memorial. At Arlington . . . You get the picture.

I agree with Alex. Let's start electing more pervets to office so that we can get it on whenever we want and then get on with our lives.

Oh yeah . . . an the visor cap? So retro and not in a good way.

Here is my take on this....

If prostitution was legal i wouldn't so much of a problem with this. The fact this guy is going to give his unknowing wife AIDS does indicate his lack of trustworthiness. The fact he gave the guy a C-Note for Gas shows he was engaging in illegal activity. The fact that the other guy could black male him also indicates he is less then trustworthy.

I sure wouldn't want this looser representing me Like Barny Frank he cannot be trusted. We put the last looser we couldn't trust in jail here. Remember Randy Duke Cunningham?

Changing the law is fine with me however the law applies to everybody.

I hope his wife and children find out all the gory details of his secret sex life.

it's a trust thing...

Take care

I agree that his actions show a basic dishonesty. I don't think he should be attacked for having freaky sex, just for being a hypocrite. That's what makes him a bad political leader, not the actual sex act.

And that visor is AWFUL...

Waymon i agree with you to an extent except for the collateral damage his dishonesty is going to cause.
For all his wife knows she is HIV positive and while some may not see that as such a big deal I certainly do.

i know some may think the law aspect is not a big deal. I happen to see this as important. If one is going to break the law one should be ready to pay the price. I have broken plenty in my lifetime and much of what i have done would result in a felony record if convicted. I was always ready to pay the price for what i saw as a calculated risk....
The other side of the coin is if one doesn't like a particular law then one should work to change it.

It is the fact he was a hypocrite that got him in trouble in the first place not his kinky sex habits.

Take care
Sue Robins

I'm agreeing on that the hypocrite angle is important to voters in his district. But that's not the point.

Seriously, go to other gay sites covering this (not going to name any names except for Dan Savage's Slog) and tell me that there isn't a whole element of "Tee hee hee, he had kinky sex!!! While dressed like a girl!!! With a boy!!! OMG, it's so freaky!"

That's what I'm talkin' about.

On HIV/STD's, I'm going to leave that to him and his wife. Making fun of him isn't going to help anything.

Sue Robins in jail? I don't believe it. Not that I need to know everything you've done that's illegal or anything, as if I'm some sort of huge gossip....

And thank goodness I'm not the only one on the visor. It's just shouting "A&F straight-acting boi who charges $1000 for sex."

I can’t wait until Joe Solmonese is busted getting fucked by a FtM identified person so we can run around calling him a hypocrite for the ENDA debacle.

why are you so sure he is going to give his wife AIDS (as you highlighted in bold in your first statement) I didn't see the status of either participant disclosed. Did I miss it?

Heh, saw Dan Abram's (sp?) interview with the prostitute. My god, pardon the crudeness of the following comment, but this guy was dumb as fuck.

Sue Robins in jail? I don't believe it. Not that I need to know everything you've done that's illegal or anything, as if I'm some sort of huge gossip....

Never been caught always followed the six-P rule


Lets just say i know how reckless some people can be. I have had GLBT friends for a long time and worked for a gay owned business where Nobody was straight. (i was the only person not sexually involved with someone) The sad part is i know more people with STD's then not.

I am Not saying everyone in the GLBT is so into recreational sex that they compromise their health.... I know better then that.

Take care
Sue Robins

I understand what you are saying but painting with such a broad brush based on your personal experience is something we have to fight from the far right. We shouldn't have to fight off those assumptive stereotypes within our own community.

Statements such as: "The fact this guy is going to give his unknowing wife AIDS...." is just as reckless as the sex these two had.

Hi Kevin
Maybe that brush is broad....

Maybe i just know too many middle aged bisexuals who are not so honest with their wives or a wife or two who brought something home to the hubby.

after all that is what this guy is, bi sexual and playing around on his wife.

Add to that my ex brother and sister in law who were part of the swinger set...
they ended up with Hep-C.

Casual sex always leads to increased risk of STD's and a shortened life.

Is it Really worth it?

I really don't think so

Then again i have lead a sheltered life; in a few days i will be 52 and i can still count all of my sex partners on both hands.

Seems like no matter if you are Gay, Bi or Straight it pays to have a monogamous relationship.

Hay; just call me old fashioned.

Take care
Sue Robins