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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

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Christmas seems to come earlier and earlier every year. I mean, we're nowhere near Thanksgiving, and Bill O'Reilly is already contriving a War on Christmas.

This time he sets his sites on Fort Collins, Colorado. They appointed a Holiday Display Task Force to review their policies on holiday displays and decorations in city-owned buildings. Some of their recommendations included having symbols of multiple faith traditions in each building and white lights instead of multi-color.

O'Reilly's guest said, and O'Reilly agreed:

This should be a wake-up call to every member of your audience. If this kind of attack on American values can happen in Fort Collins, it can happen everywhere.

You have this arrogant minority that wants to go to the point of stripping away Christmas trees and colored lights. I mean, this sounds like something out of the old Soviet Union.

Because that's what the gulags did - they only allowed white lights instead of multi-color and were respectful of the Jewish faith.

Oh, yeah, and O'Reilly made a bunch of factual errors. (Video at ThinkProgress)

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"It's coming on Christmas/They're cutting down trees/They're putting up reindeer/ Singing songs of joy and peace/I wish I had a rivewr I could skate away on...."-Joni Mitchell "River" from Blue

Even so...O'Reilley is full of shit, as usual.

Pass the eggnog...

Isn't it ironic that the REAL war on Christmas was actually the war that Christians waged on the true origins of the holiday? Few even realize that most of their religion & celebrations even are original but rather stolen from other religions and forged as their "own." It makes me sad that so many people can be so incredibly blind.

I agree... Personally, I can't even comprehend the idea of a "war on Christmas" since it assumes a stable target to rile against. If the nature of the holiday is based on Christian theology, then isn't the mass commercialization of it a much bigger attack? If the holiday is a pagan holiday originally, then isn't the Christianization of it an attack?

Personally, all this war talk makes me want to throw up.

Because that's what the gulags did - they only allowed white lights instead of multi-color and were respectful of the Jewish faith.

Best. Snark. Ever.

OK, I made at least one good joke yesterday!