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Laudate, Dear Rep. Carson

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Rep. Julia Carson has announced that she is suffering from terminal lung cancer. Even though all the signs were there that she was seriously ill, the details hit like a gut punch.

Her announcement included that she will not run again for her House seat. Word has it that a grandson of hers will run instead.

The Indianapolis Star said in a front page article today, "Carson is known as an advocate for the poor and those who can't speak for themselves." As one of a people sorely in need of such dedicated advocates who can be depended on to "get it" before even being told because she's been there herself in her own way and has the good sense necessary to transfer that experience to the struggles of others, as an advocate for people even more beleaguered than LGBT people, injection drug users, it's been a deep comfort to know that I've had such a great champion in so many high places for so long -- and a friend to laugh and commiserate with to boot.

There've been none to compare -- and I owe Rep. Carson more than I can repay -- so whatever it is that she wants or needs, if I have it or can get it, it's hers. Right now, that's taking the form of a promise to keep on keepin' on in a manner in which she would take delight, to celebrate her life and my own, and to find a way to describe her smile.

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My sympathy goes to out to Congreswoman Carson. She has been a true champion of the LGBT community. As the first African-American to rise to Congress from Indiana she broke much needed ground.

I was saddened today to see on TV that her health has already deteriorated severely. Apparently she's unable to speak and has moved into a hospice.

Godspeed Congresswoman. You deserve your rest.

If there's anything I can say about Julia it's that she was usually right when it came to how she voted. She was right about the war, she was right on LGBT rights, she's been right much more often than she's been wrong. She'll be missed.

I only hope she gets the well-deserved victory lap and hears the cheers and oratory fitting of such a great public servant.

Thank you, Congresswoman, for years of service and good work.

Thank you, Congressmember Carson, for your noble service.

Many people, especially those elected to high office, claim to "understand" our issues. But like faith, sometimes understanding without action means nothing. You have earned your way into our hearts, our memories, and as a defender of the too-often defenseless, you surely have earned your way into heaven.

Thank you.