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Ted Klaudt: Putting Craig In Perspective

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Yet another Republican policymaker sex scandal -- this time in South Dakota, where Ted Klaudt, who was finally term limited out of their state legislature after serving as chairman of Government Operations and Audit Committee and was a member of Appropriations, too -- definitely a power player, is on trial in Hughes County for four counts of rape involving two of his former foster daughters -- one when one of the girls was his legislative page.

The story isn't a new one but it has gotten quite a bit more complex since Democratic Underground picked it up in mid-May. Reports the Rapid City Journal, "Klaudt is also charged with rape, other sex offenses, witness intimidation and stalking in Corson County, where he lives on a ranch. The trial on those charges is set to begin Nov. 13 in Deadwood."

But, if you're thinking, "more victims, witness intimidation, stalking -- how could it get more perved than that?", remind yourself that this is a Republican legislator we're talking about, so hold onto your ten gallon hat -- you're gonna need it.

In his opening statement, Klaudt's lawyer claimed that it wasn't rape, Ted was just immoral because, his playing doctor scheme with the girls didn't involve penile penetration. (Ted had the girls convinced he was helping them get ready to sell their ova for $10K apiece -- that he just had to get them properly stimulated with a vibrating dildo, lube, and antibacterial hand cleaner; feel their breasts and check their ovaries with latex-gloved digital manipulation; take various body measurements; etc. in order to be able to sign off on the application that they were healthy and good candidates for the procedure. There's also coercion with a co-signed loan involved in one case.) Too bad for Ted that his lawyer's wrong. South Dakota defines penetration of a child as rape, Mr. One-Eye's nonparticipation notwithstanding. Ted's main hope is that, in anti-Native-American racist South Dakota, his rez-to-reform school-to-foster "care" victims might be discounted by some jurors as less than worthy of full protection of the law.

The puke-inducing, gory details are available in the affidavit of Larry Long, the South Dakota Attorney General. But more palatable coverage is to be found on a broadcast video of Air America's Young Turks' Republican Sexcapades Show.

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Wait... so he pretended to be a doctor to get close enough to rape women?

That's pretty elaborate for a misogynist.

Marla R. Stevens Marla R. Stevens | November 7, 2007 10:29 PM

Actually a sort of allied health egg broker go-between/one-man prep squad -- with abused minority high school girls essentially paroled into his foster-parental custody so that they were doubly robbed of ability to question or refuse his "examinations/preparatory exercises".

This is one enormous super-creep.