December 31, 2007

What (Gay) Conventional Wisdom?

Filed by Karen Ocamb | December 31, 2007 | 6:18 PM | comments

I love Sunday brunch. My friends and I gather at some West Hollywood or L.A. eatery and let the politics fly. It’s all off the record so spin takes a back seat to “truth” – whatever that might mean in...Read More

Indiana amendment: Where are we now?

Filed by Bil Browning | December 31, 2007 | 4:27 PM | comments

The Indianapolis Star has a story today about the fate of Indiana's constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage and civil unions. There's not really any new information, but it's nice to see the Star helping to raise awareness. Sen. Brandt...Read More

Fat Fabulous Photos

Filed by Sean Kosofsky | December 31, 2007 | 10:08 AM | comments

There are, at times, figures in the GLBT movement that are so cutting edge and so radical that they are completely misunderstood and underappreciated while they are alive. One of those people was Heather MacAllister who died last year from...Read More

Think Orange

Filed by Bil Browning | December 31, 2007 | 9:12 AM | comments

We have a lot of photos that are just laying around the house degrading. Since our internet was down most of the day yesterday, Jerame started scanning them so I could have them on my computer. This is his favorite...Read More


Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.: Homotextual

Filed by Ed Team | December 31, 2007 | 7:49 AM | comments

"A first grader should understand that his or her culture isn't a rational invention, that there are thousands of other cultures and they all work pretty well, that all cultures function on faith rather than truth, that there are lots...Read More

Sci-Fi lovin'

Filed by Bil Browning | December 31, 2007 | 7:23 AM | comments

BBC sci-fi show Torchwood had a romance between a soldier and a transdimensional time traveler. Talk about a long distance relationship....Read More