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Barney Frank: No Trans-Inclusive ENDA In '09

Filed By Rebecca Juro | December 21, 2007 12:40 PM | comments

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As reported on last night's "Rebecca Juro Show", during a guest appearance on "The Agenda with Joe Solmonese" this week (natch), Barney Frank tells Solmonese:

"At this point three important pieces of legislation to vindicate our rights, or – there have been three votes: two in the House and on in the Senate saying, "No. It's wrong to mistreat people because of their sexual orientation and with regard to hate crimes on their gender identity." That doesn't yet become law. It does mean this, and I'm confident of this: If in 2009 people who are pro-LGBT win the presidential election – I wish I wasn't partisan but right now that means the Democrats – and we have a couple more Senators who are pro-LGBT, they you're going to see, I think, by the end of 2009 the Employment Non-Discrimination Law will become law. It will be illegal to discriminate based on sexual orientation anywhere in the country. A hate crimes law including protection for people who are transgender will have passed. And we will be, at that point, well on our way to try to extend this to people who are transgender and to getting rid of the ban of gays in the military."

The audio can be found here. (The quote above is about 15 minutes into the interview)

No trans-inclusive ENDA, even with a Democrat in the White House. The rights of the poor and disenfrancised minorities sold out once again by Congressional Democrats on the altar of political convenience, this time two years in advance. They're not going to bother to even try to do the right thing by gender-variant Americans anymore.

Ok, hands up...anyone actually surprised?

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I don't see what the big deal is, Rebecca. I know plenty of transfolks with enough money saved up to just float the next two years without a job. Frank is practically giving trans and genderqueer people a 2 year vacation. Sit back, relax, and I'll see you on the beach!

We all know Frank is a festering boil on the genitals of the GLBY community.

I wish someone would lance it.


Please tell me that this man is up for reelection between now and then. Wasn't there the rumor that he was so desperate to get ENDA light because he was planning on retiring?

I'd hate to see another republican in Congress, but I doubt that a republican (without access to Pelosi) could never do as much damage as Barney Frank intends to. At this point I'd want to donate to anyone running against him. Anyone!

i just realized i misspelled GLBT.

what i had planned on saying about Frank was much more graphic but what i did say was close enough to how i feel about him.

I have no tolerance for two faced people.

Take care

Ahh yes with friends like this who needs enemies.

Actually, I believe he is up for reelection in '08, Tobi. In all honesty, I don't really think he can be removed from office, but of course that doesn't mean he, Pelosi, and their fellow sellouts can't be made to pay for their betrayals in other ways.

Don't forget, Pelosi is also running this election season as well, and in a district in the city with the largest transgender population in the country. Folks, start printing those "Cindy Sheehan For Congress" bumperstickers now and get a jump on next year's rush! ;)

Frank and Pelosi do it because they’re Democrats and on profit/tax/money questions they march in lockstep with the Republicans. ENDA was raped to maximize profits by discrimination and low pay. That’s why our standard of living is dropping and why millions of montages are in danger of foreclosure. They work together to maximize the wealth of the rich so much that it sometimes seems they get a new tax cut every Tuesday and Thursday at 9am, holidays included.

The way to punish Frank, Pelosi, Clinton and Feinstein, etc. is to punish their party.

Thanks for clarifying Sue, I was getting all ready to Google GLBY to see what I’d missed. And careful with that lancing stuff; Guantanamo's only 90 nmiles away.

I was surprised to see him list DADT as the bottom of the list. Bottom? Really? I'd put it at the top of the list. I think we have a really good job of getting that overturned. As this endless war drags on and on, they'll need the soldiers. Necessity will trump prejudice just like it did with racial integration.

I'm not surprised at all, Bil. After all, gays in the military are a relatively small minority, probably even smaller than transfolks, and military people as a whole tend to vote GOP.

Since those voters aren't going to fill Democratic campaign coffers with wads of cash or strongly come out in favor of Democrats, like us they are unable to purchase their basic civil rights from Congress and therefore are relegated to the back of the line with the rest of us poor folks.