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Christmas with the candidates

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While the right wing nutjobs are freaking out over "The War on Christmas" and a majority bemoan the crass commercialization of the holiday season, I'd like to throw out another complaint. What's with all the political Christmas cards?

This year we've gotten two or three "Christmas cards" from local judge candidates. I don't know these people and by sending me a Christmas card it is pretty darn obvious that they're just whoring themselves and their obligatory lovely family pictured inside.

Have you noticed how many of the presidential candidates are running cloyingly sweet holiday ads in the early primary states? Democrats and Republicans alike the commercials span from psuedo-funny to sickeningly sweet. You can find all of them after the jump.

Hillary Clinton (Okay, some humor even if it is still blatantly political.)

Ron Paul
(See how virile he is? Lord of his manor and whatnot.)

John Edwards
(Did you pack your guilt for the trip to Grandma's, John?)

Rudy Guilliani
(Who's so full of the spirit he had to make two!)

Barack Obama
(So sweet you'll gag.)

Mike Huckabee
(Who likes to remind us that even though we're celebrating Christ's birth, a bunch of far right religious fanatics had him killed on a cross.)

Make you want to vote for any of them? Yeah, me either.

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