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Did Jody Foster Come Out?

Filed By Michael Crawford | December 06, 2007 10:00 AM | comments

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I squealed even more like a girl than I usually do when I read that question on Queerty. I have serious love for Jody Foster. She's a strong, smart and gorgeous woman. And, you know how gay men go nuts for that kind of stuff.

Jodie Foster gave a really moving and surprisingly candid speech when she received the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award at the 16th annual Women in Entertainment Breakfast on Tuesday.

Toward the end of her remarks, Jodie thanked those nearest and dearest to her. Among them was “my beautiful Cydney who sticks with me through all the rotten and the bliss.”

Welcome Jody and your beautiful Cydney! Its wonderful out here in the light!

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Did Jodie Foster come out?


After years of speculation and well publicized pieces such as this one in Out Magazine, I don't think simply thanking a dear friend counts as suddenly being more 'out' than before.

Oh, I am squealing right there with you... if Jody Foster would FINALLY come out...

Okay, it's not earth shattering and life as we know it would go on. But as a fan since we were both wee-baby dykes, it would be so nice to have her join in the freedom.

God, let's hope so. She's much more wearying than even Rosie O'Donnell was when she was all Tom Cruise all the time.

I mean, it's not secret. Give it up. Just be honest fer cryin' out loud!

It's not a secret. But maybe she also doesn't feel like you should have to come out as gay. Why don't straight people have to come out as straight?

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | December 6, 2007 12:07 PM

Straight people don't have to come because the majority is straight and they awesome that everyone is like them.

Just as it has been long rumored that Jody is a lesbian, its also been longed rumor that Cydney is her partner.

If it's not a secret Serena, then why won't she ever say whether she's gay or straight or partnered. Other celebrities' spouses are acknowledged, hers should be too. :)

She's getting old now and she's no longer the hot shit she was in her teens and early adulthood. She's made her money and could care less about the community. I have no respect for her.

It's kind of like Anderson Cooper. The longer he stays in the closet, the more respect I lose for him.