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There are, at times, figures in the GLBT movement that are so cutting edge and so radical that they are completely misunderstood and underappreciated while they are alive. One of those people was Heather MacAllister who died last year from cancer.

Heather was one of the most prominent activists, performers and organizers for size acceptance and fat acceptance in the nation, if not the world. She worked with us at Triangle Foundation from 1998-2000 as a field organizer. Interestingly enough, we expected her to do field work at a geographic level, but of course Heather had other plans. She wanted to work with people on the margins, on a demographic basis - connecting people. This meant working with "Bears" and leather/kink communities, fat activists and Detroit's huge Arab/Muslim population. Heather left Triangle to pursue her dream in San Francisco of developing and growing fat performance art. She followed her dream and it became a reality. She made bigger waves once she arrived.

Famed Star Trek actor turned photographer Leonard Nimoy has just published a photo collection called "The Full Body Project" and it features Heather and other models from the Bay area. I believe two of her groups were called "The Fat Bottom Revue" and "Big Mama and the Fur Balls." Very colorful and very San Francisco.

I ordered the book myself and was very pleased with the job Nimoy did and with a great forward by Natalie Angier. Check out the book and let me know your thoughts. Spread the word to other folks you know that might be interested in this art and fat acceptance work. Also you can check out a column I wrote about Heather last year.

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Brynn Craffey Brynn Craffey | December 31, 2007 2:26 PM

I read a review of Nimoy's book and was very interested. One of my ex-es was fat and it pained me greatly to see how society overlooked his many accomplishments and talents and focused instead on his size. Likewise, it hurt me to see how he internalized society's disapproval. Our culture's fixation on weight and narrow standards of beauty are truly deplorable.