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Popular local radio host Abdul Hakim-Shabazz is an Indiana political pundit who tends to lean Republican. While I'm a regular guest on his show (I'll be appearing again later this week to talk about Indiana's marriage amendment), prominent Republican politicians guest host his program when he's on vacation.

I've written before about how taxes have become the #1 topic in the state and would more than likely sound the death knell for our proposed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage and civil unions. (See my three part series on the state of Indiana's amendment.) Abdul has now entered the fray on the local ABC affiliate's blog; his opinion may surprise you.

First of all, gay marriage is already illegal in Indiana and the Courts have already spoken on this issue, so there really isnt anything to discuss. If that’s not enough, think about this.

Is gay marriage responsible for your high property taxes? No.

Is gay marriage responsible for a high foreclosure rate? No.

Is gay marriage responsible for job losses in some parts of the state? No.

Is gay marriage responsible for out-of-touch elected officials who raise your taxes without any consideration for your financial situation? No.

So if gay marriage is not responsible for high taxes, job losses and unaccountable elected officials then why is a ban necessary?

Abdul is 100% correct. Gay marriage has been the right-wing's boogeyman for so long now that voters are starting to wise up.

Indiana's government is in shambles. Our economy has tanked while our taxes have skyrocketed. We regularly rank at the bottom of most of those nation-wide lists that rate states on various topics.

With so many other issues directly affecting the average voter's lives, isn't it time we started expecting our elected officials to start focusing on good government instead of pandering to the religious right?

(In case you're playing along at home, the local newspapers for almost all major Indiana cities have urged the legislature not to pass the amendment. Emmis Communications also opposes the discriminatory legislation - as does every other Indiana-based Fortune 500 company.)

Keep on keepin' on, Indiana right-wingers. You'll turn Indiana blue for us.

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But when the gay boogey man is through, it's time to move on to the next one: illegal immigration.

Although I wonder how that'll play out in Indiana.