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Happy Hanukkah and everything else

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Last night was the first night of Hanukkah. We live in a town that is predominantly Jewish. A lot of my friends are Jewish. We have been to many candle lighting nights. Played with dreidels.

23300760.jpgThe kids were just bouncing off the walls, post ice hockey brawl, excitedly talking about who they knew would be lighting candles that night.

We're Christian, right? Ben asks.

I hem. Uh.. not really. I'm not Christian. I don't believe in God or Jesus being the son of God.

But he was alive, right? Zachary, my resident theologist said.

Oh, yes. He was Jewish. A Rabbi. I just don't think he was more than a man. I think it's enough the kind of man he was to be special and honored.

But we celebrate Christmas, right? Ben asks. This is about PRESENTS.


So we're between an atheist and a Christian, Ben said.

Uh... No, I'm an atheist. And a Unitarian. I can be both. It's about living a good life, being a good person today, about social justice...

At this point I'm sure my voice is like the adults in a Charlie Brown cartoon- blah blah blah.

Zachary perks up, Being Unitarian rocks. You don't really believe in anything and get to celebrate everything.

With that, I only want to say, Happy Hanukkah.

And Everything else.

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All my Jewish male friends like dreidels. It stands to reason that any Jewish gay man might appreciate a really good top.

Ellen Andersen Ellen Andersen | December 5, 2007 10:12 PM

ROFLMAO! I'm very in touch with the touchiness of this sort of conversation, Sara, especially this time of year when I'm juggling Santa on top of everything else.