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Hottest Gay Couple of 2007

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There have been a number of same-sex couples that occupied the media spotlight in 2007 including Ellen and Portia, Reichen and Ryan, Lance and his current boy of the month. None has had the impact of Luke and Noah.

Okay, so they are fictional characters on As the World Turns, but they are the first teenaged same-sex couple on daytime television.

In typical soap opera fashion, the coming together of Luke and Noah aka Nuke was not without drama. From Luke's coming out experience and surviving an ex-gay cult, to Noah's fling with Maddie (female), to Noah's psycho dad admitting to killing Noah's mother and his attempt to murder Luke, to Luke's paralysis and Thanksgiving Day recovery and Noah finally telling his jail bound father that he no longer controls him, their relationship has experienced more challenges than any real life couple could survive. Just like any other couple on daytime soaps.

Here are two more scenes of Nuke voted as favorites by members of the Luke and Noah Wiki:

The Kiss

The Post-Swim Towel Fight

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Wow! These boys ARE hawt.

You know what I've always found fascinating? Do you remember a few years ago when one of the soaps had an out lesbian character and people started saying, "oh, you can't do that on day time TV. It's immoral." Umm, hello? Like the filanderings of straight folks falls into the category of pristine morality? Oh yeah . . . it's a double standard. My bad!

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | December 27, 2007 4:47 PM

Wasn't that Erica Kane's daughter on One Life to Live?

I think its seriously time for hot lesbian action on daytime soaps. We have The L Word, but that's reaching an very different audience that daytime shows are.

I soooo followed the storyline on AfterElton.com, but I just couldn't bring myself to actually watch the TV show. I agree though - HOT!

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | December 27, 2007 8:52 PM


That's the beauty of YouTube. You can watch all of the clips about the gay boys without having to watch all the other stuff.

LukeVanFan has lovingly compiled all the clips here: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?s=nl_r7aPlPvk

Awww! That is hot ... how long has this story been going on? I miss a good soap story!