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Queer music Friday - End of year edition

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Remember Dana International, the super-fabulous Israeli MTF pop diva? Here's her "Love Boy":

I've had a lot of fun putting together Queer music Friday this year on Bilerico. Usually the biggest problem I have is picking out which video to put up from the good musicians - they've usually produced a lot of great music.

After the jump I revisit featured Queer music Friday artists from this past year, with different videos from some of my favorite queer musicians. Enjoy!

I posted electro-clash band Xiu Xiu back when I was watching their "Pox" video over and over. Jamie Stewart has a captivating voice, and it's even more compelling live. Here's Xiu Xiu's "Clowne Towne":

, one of the most famous bands of the Riot Grrrl movement, totally rocks. Here's "What's Mine is Yours," a song with an awesome guitar solo:

I remember when "Hey Boy," by the pomo lap-pop band The Blow, could be heard as I walked to class past the first-year dorms at Whitman College. I put their "Parentheses" video on the site when they were up for Queer music Friday back in March, but I found this great live recording of "Hey Boy" on YouTube. Is it any wonder why David Byrne compared Blow front-woman Khaela Maricich to Ellen Degeneres?

80's disco singer Sylvester doesn't just make you wanna funk, he makes you think that falsetto is the perpetually cool. Here's "Do You Wanna Funk":

You know who are the champions? That's right, we are! Here's Queen's "We are the champions":

I had the opportunity to interview trans singer/guitarist Clyde Petersen of Your Heart Breaks back in September for the Project. Their music definitely does sound like "sparse homo pop love songs." Here's a clip from them at Heck Fest this past year:

Here's Canadian indie pop band the Hidden Cameras "AWOO":

The Gossip has been in the news all year, it seems, what with their funky sound getting signed to Sony and their out-spoken front-woman, Beth Ditto. Here's the video for "Listen Up":

Where would we be without our drag queens? Here's RuPaul's "Lookin' Good and Feelin' Gorgeous":

And, finally, my unrequited love for Owen Pallett continues. Even though he's married, I'll keep on pushing his music on this site in the off-chance I'm in Toronto, he's in an open relationship, and....

Here's the video for "He Poos Clouds":

I've featured 41 artists on Queer music Friday this year, and it's been a lot of fun not only sharing my favorite music with you all, but learning about a bunch of fantastic queer musicians and bands. I have a list I'm working from that will put me all the way through next year, but if you have a favorite queer artist, please tell me about them in the comments.

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i like Slater Kinny
however to me The Donnas are the Riot Girl band.
They make me want to get up and start breaking thing. It doesn't bet better then that.

He Poos Clouds is very cool...
I can count the number of Queer Music Fridays i like on both hands (this is no reflection on you just my picky music taste) to that i would add The Pet Shop Boys. Give me West End Girls and i will do anything for you :)

Take care

This is one of my favorite features on Bilerico...And how did I know, without any doubt, that RuPaul and Owen Pallet would make the "year-End List"...hmmmm


But my fav was Leslie Gore....I was prob'ly one of the few people who didn't know ...until now

Thanks for doing this every Friday, Alex!