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Siblings open thread

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After a gay friend told me about his bi sister, it made me think of my own family. At least two of my brothers are/were bisexual. Jerame swears that he thinks my mom is a closet-case lesbian.

What about your blood lines? Got any queer immediate relatives? How much does being queer run in families?

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Does having a brother with a DISTINCT love of leather count?

I have 2 cousins who are queer. My one cousin was the first person I ever came out to when I was 21. He was trying to come out to me & I went first to sort of let him off the hook.

I have another cousin who has left her husband for a woman--twice

And the there was the time when I was 13 and my aunt was rather inebriated and talked to me about her one teenage lesbian experi(ment)(ence) with her best friend when she was 16.

I have four cousins (three male, one female) who are completely out, one cousin (male) who is closeted but known to be gay by the whole family, and a bisexual half brother. My father (who has described his own teenage experimentation) has told me of gay uncles on both sides of his family.

My partner has three gay cousins (two male, one female)and two nephews who certaily seem like they might be gay.

There's either a gay gene or something in the water in west central Indiana!

Brynn Craffey Brynn Craffey | December 12, 2007 4:40 PM

My brother has always been same-sex attracted but because he has likewise always been ultra-Catholic, he has spent his whole life renouncing and fighting the attraction.

I dated a guy once who had 4 brothers and sisters. All of them were gay or lesbian.