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The Advocate's Best Blog of 2007

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Holy cow, you guys! The honors just keep on coming. We've been selected as a top ten finalist for the Advocate's Blog of the Year for their Best of 2007 blowout.

We're up against the big guys now: The ANT Colony, Big Bad Blog, D-listed, Go Fug Yourself, High in Chelsea,, Perez Hilton, Pink is the New Blog, and Towleroad.

Go forth and vote for the Bilerico Project! And be fruitful! Multiply! Vote early and vote often! Tell your friends. Tell your family. Hell, tell people you don't really care much for if you think they'll vote for us... *grins*

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Uhh... what exactly is the criteria for making this list? Perez Hilton is total sexist shit.

I wondered that too, Nick. The site says the sites were the most recommended sites - apparently they opened up for nominations a while back. I had no idea we were nominated. (And I'd have never known we were a finalist if I hadn't noticed the traffic coming from the site!)

LOL, we're all sitting around reading the Advocate, apparently.

Funny how liberal blogs always cite mainstream liberal publications, conservative blogs cite mainstream conservative publications, feminist blogs cite established feminist publications, etc, and yet....

But I'm guessing one criterion was just being run by a queer, not necessarily being about queer issues.

Oh come on...quit being so modest boys...Maybe it's the quality...


I think the last time I saw an actual copy of the Advocate, it was behind the counter of my college's library. They couldn't put them on the shelf or people would masturbate onto the cover... or at least that was the rumor. Needless to say I find the Advocate very relevant to my life.

Anyway, I'm always a little surprised when I see Bilerico on a list like this -- only because of the deceptively small number of people commenting relative to all the other big name blogs. It makes me feel like the comment threads are my own personal playground. And Sue Robins my own personal schoolyard bully.

I have to admit, Nick, I was surprised to see us on the list too (but I'm really proud)! The other blogs have ten times the amount of traffic we do, but we do have a very dedicated bunch of readers.

One of the most interesting statistics we can see is how often the visitor has been here before. We always have a bunch of first time visitors from search engines, etc and then a HUGE amount of visitors who've been here 250+ times. Those long-term readers are the ones really building the community around here, I think.

It's like we're the worst kept secret in the LGBT world. LOL

Someone suggested to me the other day that we were "the thinking man's queer blog." That sounds nice, but I don't know that it's the best description of us. What would you call us?

The thinking person's queer blog. :-)

Congrats, Bil and everyone!

How funny, Dana. I'd never use it on promotional materials because it seems so sexist and elitist. LOL You picked up on the first thing I thought when my friend said it.