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The True Statements of George W. Bush

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Any credibility left for Bush?

The intelligence community released the NIE on Iran to avoid the cherry picking that went on for the Iraq war. In other words, they didn't want anyone lying about it. A long sorry line of evidence exists showing BushCo has lied to the American people, our allies and the world constantly since he was appointed President. Just look at the whole debacle of the illegal wire-taps. At first, Bush claimed there were no wire-tapping going on, then we discovered an enormous amount of it. Then Bush claimed it was only for "terrorists" only later do we find the wire-tapping was for everyone - every man, woman and child. BushCo had initiated a huge vacuum cleaning operation to grab all digital communication traffic in the US. Remember when Bush claimed the wire-taps were in response to a "post 9-11 world?" Now it turns out the illegal wire-taps started BEFORE 9-11-2001.





Every word from the Bush Administration concerning wire-tapping has been a lie, including the explanations.

But illegal wire-tapping is not the only thing BushCo has lied about. The Bush lies include EVERYTHING dealing with Iraq. He lied about 9-11. He lied about the economy. He told whoppers about outed CIA agent Valarie Plame. Essentially he has lied about everything and I find it impossible to list it all. So I thought I would start with listing the things Bush has told the truth about. Here it is, in it's entirety...

1. "My name is George W. Bush."

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