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TWO GAY GUYS: Jack McFarland/Brian Kinney Edition

Filed By Brent Hartinger | December 05, 2007 1:45 PM | comments

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In our latest episode, Michael and I take on the gay appeal of stereotypically gay characters like Jack McFarland (of Will & Grace) and Brian Kinney (of Queer as Folk). And we even manage to do it while cleaning the house!

Just watch.

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I think this episode is your best yet! With the script writers on strike, did you put aside the novels temporarily, Brent? Did you go scab!? *grins*

I think it's funny too that almost all of the ads are now for Queer as Folk jewelry.

Thanks, Bil. Since we're not actually PAID for the blog, no scabbing is necessary!

(I don't get QAF. I really, really don't.)

Where were my two fave gay characters, Mike Jensen and Brent Hartinger, on that list? Or was "Two Gay Guys" not eligible because of its association with Logo?

Honestly, I think that those characters were pretty awful, and not just because of sex or lustiness or femminess or whatever. They were just mean and poorly written.

But I'm preachin' to the choir here, apparently.