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10 Films Every Gay Boy Should See

Filed By Michael Crawford | January 30, 2008 10:45 AM | comments

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I admit upfront that I am being a total blog whore with this post (and Bil may kick my butt for it), but I want to call your attention to 10 Films Every Gay Boy Should See. It is my follow up to 10 Books Every Gay Boy Should Read and can be found at my home blog Bloggernista.

Here is a taste:

1. Gay Sex in the 70s - is a fascinating look at gay life in NYC after the Stonewall riots in the period often referred to as the golden era of gay sexual liberation before the AIDS epidemic unleashed its hellacious fury on gay men.

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Check out 10 Films Every Gay Boy Should See.

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Thank you Michael for taking the time to put this post together. Some great recommendations you have. I'm checking out Harvey Milk ASAP.

Michael Bedwell | January 30, 2008 7:33 PM

Thanks for including so many documentaries. One that is a great primer for earlier images of gays in films is, of course, The Celluloid Closet.

My suggestions, in no particular order, including some whose certain parts, like My Beautiful Laundrette, are much better than the whole:

The Man I Love [French]

Desert Hearts [modern lesbian classic]

A Love to Hide [French]

Bent [Could have been SOOOO much better, but the story is still a good microcosm of gays in Nazi Germany and a chance to see luscious Clive Owen play gay, though, trust me, fast forward through the first few minutes with Mick Jagger singing VERY, VERY BADLY in drag; the original play led to Richard Gere's movie career; his role was played by Ian McKellen in London]

Gods & Monsters [McKellen and Fraser ROBBED of Oscars]

The Boys in the Band [love it/hate it—SEE IT]

Advise & Consent and The Best Man [closet gay politicians in the early 60s]

Coming Out Under Fire [documentary about gays and lesbians in WWII]

The Killing of Sister George [Moo]

Come Undone [French]

Mädchen in Uniform [early German lesbian classic]

Victim [first film containing the word "homosexual"]

The Fox [DH Lawrence does lesbians and Keir Dullea so beautiful you could pour him on pancakes]

Women in Love [from DH Lawrence; screenplay written by producer Larry Kramer pre-activism; perhaps the most sensual movie ever made and not just because of its now classic nude male wrestling scene; long-missed Glenda Jackson deserved all the awards she won as best actress including Oscar]

Making Love [they tried but it took BBM to do it]

Another Country [made before Rupert Everett went to seed in every way; rumors Daniel Radcliffe wants to recreate his role but he doesn't have looks or charisma and romanticism Everett had then]

Yossi & Jagger [Israeli]

Talented Mr. Ripley [best film ever made about a gay man while not being about his being gay]

Wedding Banquet [Ang Lee's first gay love story]


Privates on Parade [High camp and romantic pathos in the same film]

Latter Days [in toto, lousy; parts great]

Brother to Brother [Black/white gays during the Harlem Renaissance]

Torch Song Trilogy [from Harvey Fierstein's great play that would be much greater if he weren't in it]

and Wild Reeds simply for its two-on-a-motorbike scene.

Kick your butt? No. Although I'd rather you didn't do it again. I can only imagine what the other contributors will start doing to drive up their own traffic! :)

Kick your butt, Michael? ... Why would Bil do that? You are the blog whore, and Bil is the blog pimp --- Remember? Whenever you bring in whatever it is you bring in, Bil gets a sliver of the action --- or maybe even the Lion's share.

Actually, Michael, I loved this post. Tongues Untied is a classic, I so sorely miss Marlon Riggs every time I think of him, along with another thoroughly lovable black gay artist who died too young, Joseph Beam, who also appears in the film.

(But I'm sorry, Another Gay Movie is a piece of trash. My personal opinion. If it works for you, digg it.)