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A small prediction

Filed By Bil Browning | January 07, 2008 6:30 PM | comments

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Hillary Clinton teared up at a campaign stop today.

By midnight tonight Barack Obama and John Edwards will both be bawling. Bill Richardson will pull out an old hanky and blow his nose into it loudly before putting it back in his pocket late tomorrow afternoon.

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I don't real get what this post is supposed to mean.

It'd be a grueling year for anybody, campaigning like that, and she showed a little humanity. I don't mind having a human for a president, especially after that sociopath who's been in office for 7 years.

Personally, I think someone whispered into her ear something along the lines of "Hillary, the aloof ice queen thing just isn't working. You need to remind voters that you're a woman. And you better do it right now, before you're polling like Mike Gravel."

Just my idea of a joke. Obama and Edwards will cut up their mothers to get past Hillary. And Richardson just keeps bumbling in late and doing a poor copy of the others...

Do I think she really teared up? Does it matter? I'm not even in New Hampshire and, well, I wouldn't care if I did. It's a stupid story. What's next? "Politician kisses baby?"

I'm not sure I like the "real" Hillary...I liked her better when she wasn't a wimp...lololol