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Bad dogs

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My dog has been hanging around with a bad influence. Her name is Hannah.

She's a bad dog. Bad bad bad.

Beanie loves Hannah. Reminds me of my first girlfriend. Beautiful, smart and deeply troubled. Whenever Hannah's owner pulls up, Beanie is beside herself, wagging all over, whimpering at the door to get out.

Hannah is a gorgeous pure black German Shepard. She's a decedent of Rin Tin Tin. She's the dog of the carpenter who has been working on my house. Her coat is shiny and thick, she has eyes that sparkle with intelligence.

And she's naughty.

My dog is the epitome of a good dog. She listens to commands. She doesn't need repeated training sessions or alpha rolls. I don't even have a fence around the yard because she knows where the lines are and says in them.

Good dog. Smart dog.

I went to leave yesterday morning, and as I turned onto the next street- not my street, but the next one- there were Hannah and Beanie. Beanie was on the sidewalk and Hannah was swaggering down the middle of the road.

Bad dogs.

Very bad dogs.

Funny, it made me think of my boys. Which one will be in the middle of the street? Which one will be on the sidewalk? Will any of them know not to leave the yard?

I yelled both their names. Beanie turned around and ran towards my car with the hopeful look, Are we going for a walk in the woods? To which I simply extended my arm and pointed towards the house.

She put her head down and went straight back toward the yard. Not another word was needed for her.

Hannah... well, Hannah looked at me like she had no idea who the heck I was and kept going in the opposite direction until she saw Beanie. Then she went up and tackled my dog, playfully, as if to say,

Don't listen to that bitch.

Beanie kept going, Hannah kept dancing around her.

Bad dog. Bad influence.

What will be next? They're both out in the front yard smoking pot, chasing cars?

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What will be next? They're both out in the front yard smoking pot, chasing cars?

When i sue to smoke Pot i wasn't interested in doing much other then jsut sitting around and listening to the radio...
My cat Toby was the same way whenever heard the sound of the waterpipe he would come running. I would get out the OZ bag and load up the waterpipe. Toby would be right there in my face waiting for the recycled gonge.....

He would get up in my face after i had my hit and wait for me to exhale. I would cup my hands around his face and gently exhale a small stream of recycled pot in back at him...

After two hits both of us had our fill he would sit on the arm of my chair and we would listen to the Doors for a while.

Toby liked The End
I liked When The Music's Over.

Take care

Turn Out The Lights.

How funny Sue. When our oldest dog, Fritz, was younger we used to get him high too. It was hilarious. If you blew up a balloon, he'd spend forever "attacking" it - which was more like keeping it afloat on the end of his nose like a seal.

I want to see pictures of these two, Sara. Especially the German Shepard; she sounds like a real vixen. *grins*

I have had cats for all my adult life except from August 2006 to the present day.

My roommate has a dog but it is not the same for me even though i like dogs. When you have had the same companion for 13 years plus a couple of weeks the hole left when they go to prepare a place for you in the hereafter is very hard to fill.

Sarah enjoy your puppy, they are never with us long enough.

Take care

Bil, I tried to get a pict but ms. hannah wasn't much into posing, sitting- I think about the pictures on, and how heather gets her dogs to sit pretty...

mine will.

I'll keep trying...

and sue... it took me five years after my last dog died- he was the best dog ever and was my constant companion for 15 years. never ever did I think I could get another.

finally I did. and yes, she will break my heart when she dies, too.

of course, my kids are quick to point out, this is why to have more than one....