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Best of the worst open thread

Filed By Bil Browning | January 11, 2008 8:00 AM | comments

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While we've gone orange today to protest Guantanamo Bay's 6th anniversary, I'd like to know what you think is the absolute worst atrocity the Bush administration has committed. I know, plenty of room for comment. LOL

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Pardon me for saying this.
The worst goes back to well before even Bush Senior even took office.

Prescott Bush should have been sterilized.
That would have stopped the virus in it's tracks.

Take care

The worst? Lying about Iraq so that he could go to war with that country. I think that about takes the cake.

Sue~ HA HA!

Appointing Scalia and Roberts to the Supreme Court. Those appointments will continue to damage our country and the cause of real liberty and justice long after Bush himself is gone.

The worst: Stealing the presidency itself from Al Gore.

The point is not that Al Gore didn't get to be President. The point is that the Bush-ites corrupted the election process in order to seize power. Dubya and Karl Rove not only did this once, but we saw them do this in one way or another every two years ... until finally in November 2006 the tide against them was so strong that their tactics failed in most instances.

Their tactics at disenfranchising Blacks, Latinos, and voters in heavily Democratic precincts undermines confidence in the election process itself. This is yet another instance of the way they undermined the very Constitution that they swore to support, protect, and defend.

A.J. You mean like what is happening in
New Hampshire right now.

Bad Hillery.
Taking votes from Obama.
Spank that bitch.

You know Alex..
You are so right.
The damage the war has dome to our economy and the the crimes against humanity are inexcusable.

The last three presidents should be sentenced to spending the rest of their natural lives in a
6 foot square box with a hole to relive themselves in and a tray of bread and water twice a day.

oh i forgot to mention the three of them should for the sake of economy share the same cell.
Yah i know i can be a Bitch sometimes

Take care