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Crazy Ron Paul supporters

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I often wonder aloud here which candidate's supporters are crazier: the "He's the Second Coming" Obama supporters or the "Thou shalt not take His name in vain" Ron Paul supporters.

And we have a winner:

And it's the good kind of crazy! Here they're going after Sean Hannity yelling things like ”FOX News Sucks” and “We’re not falling for it anymore” because Fox News barred Ron Paul from their New Hampshire debate, even after he got 10% in Iowa.

At least they can see through Fox News. Now if only that other 24% of America would....

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If more people held media
accountable like they do we would
have real news and real Talk Radio.
For some of us the alternative on
domestic Short Wave is the real
Media and real talk radio.

It's all been down hill since
Rush in the late 80's.

It amazes me how many people live
and die by what they hear on the
mainstream media and swallow it without
question. It's time for people to
wake up and smell the rot around them.

Take care

What happened to bopping your opponent over the head with your protest sign? *sigh* Amateurs. LOL Now that would make great TV!

It has gone way of the free country we once had.

Hale to the Police State!
The Police State Keeps US Safe!
The Government is our Parent and will do nothing to harm us!


Take care

I think you're seeing exactly why the blogs have the surging level of interest they do. Mainstream media just no longer has the presumed credibility it once had, regardless of whether it's right, left, or even actually relatively impartial and honest.

And besides all that, Fox News does suck.

OK, I must have something mentally wrong with me, but I found myself secretly cheering for the Ron Paul followers. Hell, anyone stalking Sean Hannity and shouting "Fox News Sucks" needs to be bought a beer.

Haha, totally Storm.

I thought it was pretty awesome, and getting more people more involved and engaged in politics will probably look like this.

Have to give Ron Paul credit on that count.

Look into Newscor sometimes The group owning Faux News. Why it sucks will then become obvious.

Take care