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Drag party time!

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Okay, Walter just walked in and told me I better get my ass in gear and have a song, a dress, and a persona for the drag party that is happening in two weeks.

Every year, there is a party. You have to have a routine- lip synch thankfully, a dress, and fabulous hair. Last year, I did David Cassidy, I think I love you.

See, you go in formal attire for dinner. After dinner, you change and it is a competition.

Every year, there is a theme. Last year was Barbie, so I went as David Cassidy. Okay, enough martinis and the connection is clear. Walter was Lesbian Barbie. I can't remember his song.

This year's theme is the Red Carpet. Which means... uh... like I'm showing up for a red carpet event.


I've had Queen Latifah suggested but please understand- I am the only woman in a room of 15 gay men. I have to SHINE. Having real breasts is simply not enough.

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Katherine Hepburn. Hands down the best choice for you. You can go in comfortable clothes, be grouchy and gruff, act like a diva, and look damn good doing all of it.

Interesting side note: for the longest time Jerame's post, "The man we knew as Katherine Hepburn," was a footnote on Wikipedia. They removed it a few months ago for some reason.

oh. I like that.

Now I just need a 'don't give a damn song.

A good I don't give a damn song (plus something that would score points with the gays) might be an Amy Winehouse song ("Me and Mr. Jones", perhaps, or "Back to Black"). She has a throw back sound, plenty of breaks to suck on a cigarette or play the “crowd”, and it would fit with the Katherine Hepburn image.

Just a thought. :)

How about Jill Sobule's "I Kissed A Girl?" That would be funny as Hepburn.

How about Michelle Obama? (Note: I hereby refuse to suggest Hillary, even if she did barely win tonight).

"an Amy Winehouse song ("Me and Mr. Jones"...)"

I have to assume that's a re-make of the song "Me and Mrs. Jones" (we've got a thang goin' on... !). Under the circumstances, it would make more sense to sing that. Originals are almost always cooler than re-makes. And Sandra Bernhardt shocked the shit out of David Letterman (this was a thousand years ago) telling him that was the song she was performing on tour. (At the time I thought she was kidding just to get his goat, but she really did cover it.)

Anyway, a less fabulous, but easier costuming way to go, is to go as a picketing screenwriter. Theoretically, they wouldn't have a song.

A great "cool/attitude" song, which I can't really think of any excuse to use, is "Relax Max" by (I believe) Dinah Washington. (You might have heard it in some DoubleTree commercials.)