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For He is the Glory Hole & the Light

Filed By Bil Browning | January 28, 2008 8:45 AM | comments

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It's time for another episode of "Caption This!"

turn_jesus_on.jpgThis pic comes to us via Pandagon, from whom I have stolen my spectacularly awesome headline. *grins*

Even better? The name of the file is: "Turn Jesus On." Seriously.

Don't you just sit and wonder who thinks of these things?

I mean, Jesus on a piece of toast? Sure! Christ's face shows up in a tree? Why not? Hell, the Son of God can even get ransomed for a bag of dog poop occasionally.

But this? It's got to leave a bad taste in somebody's mouth. (Probably the little boy on the left if Jesus is Catholic!)

So what've you got Projectors? Leave me your best caption for the photo. I'll update the post with the winning line tomorrow.

[UPDATE] And the winner is... Father Tony with "Don't worry about that, kids. It glows in the dark."

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For your mouths are the lanterns and it is the light

OK, I'm officially going to Hell....


The "devout" see Jesus and Mary in some strange ass places.

The cinnamon toast Jesus was bizarre. But so was the jello Mary. A few years ago, a pig's snout produced the image of Jesus. Visit eBay sometime to see some of this religious iconography people have up for auction.

It's a hoot.

There's a little bit of Christ in all of us? :-)

Wow. Thanks so much for posting this, Bil, it has definitely, uh, brightened my day. (cringe)

As for captions -- I really like "for he is the glory hole & the light." I can't think of anything better...

"Don't worry about that, kids. It glows in the dark.

And on the third day, he rose again.

Or how about: hold on kids, I'mjust about ready for my second coming.

"Hey kids, wanna see a trick?"

And Jesus said unto Jane:

"Okay now its your turn Jane... Timmy showed you how easy and fun it is to make Jesus's happy stick bless you with his seed of everlasting love. Now go on Jane...repent!! and show why Jesus should forgive you of your sins or be forever damned to hell."

Christ has died, Christ has risen, Christ will cum again...

Bil: Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

If it had been my blog, which it isn't, I would have considered it an "other slur," and moderated it.

I consider it to be inappropriate and offensive. Sorry.

I saw the title of this diary and just cringed.

That let me know it had to be good!

Thank you Bil. You made my day!!!! But I can't stop laughing!!!