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Have you read Mark Morford's recent column, "The woman vs the black guy" yet? If not, go. Go now. (Hat tip to reader, Kim.)

Yes indeed, the sexism that surrounds Clinton's run like a toxic fog is almost too easy to spot... It is de facto, built-in, implied and inherent in the coverage of just about everything she does, and what's most amazing to me is that people are still surprised that the sexism is there at all, much less so apparent and shameless.

To which I can only reply: I'm sorry, did you somehow miss the last seven years of brutal, testosterone-drunk war-sucking macho neocon hell? Did your noise-canceling headphones somehow block out the sound of those 10,000 tiny, clashing penises, banging like Satan's own baby rattle all the way from Osama's cave to the Oval Office to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's gay fetish dungeon in downtown Tehran?

Because truly, while a record number of women currently serve in Congress, Washington is still very much an inbred old-boy's network, so deeply entrenched in ancient male power structures and so drunk on stagnant machismo and so poisoned by the Christian right's woman-in-her-place mentality, it will require a couple more decades and a few hundred more dead southern congressmen before the innate sexism finally fades to a tolerable scar.

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Michael Bedwell | January 18, 2008 5:14 PM

Another great one from Morford who SO hits the target SO often with such scalding rhetoric that I'm seriously surprised he hasn't been assassinated or at least physically attacked. His shamefully elitist mocking of Costco selling caskets and funeral urns was a major exception. Clearly he's not paid for a funeral recently, if ever, and bless the poor for a less bankrupting option to Mitford's "American Way of Death."

BUT, I am equally shocked that he wrote this:

"[Clinton and Obama are] members of the two most controversial/least represented groups in modern uber-white ultra-patriarchal American snake-oil politics...." Uh, no, Mark, Mr. San Francisco Gay Hip Metrosexual, those would be gays and transgenders.

Also, Michael, Morford had a column that condemned the outrage against the ENDA compromise by comparing it to some of the complaints waged against him for not being progressive enough.

He is increasingly climbing up his own ass with his charmingly disarming and indignant run on sentences.

I'm losing my love for his baby faced pan-sexual come ons. From Morford's column dated 10/12/07:

"But ultimately, this sort of excessive, all-or-nothing liberal zealotry will only result in the same dangerous fracturing as always befalls the extreme right. Yes, it seems fairly obvious, but it bears repeating, over and over again, especially as Dems gain more political traction and we head into what will hopefully be a far more enlightened, juicy, and balanced era, where gays marry and wars end and dolphins dance and trees sing and President Jobs gives everyone an organic iPhone."

There is a link embedded in the "excessive, all-or-nothing liberal zealotry" phrase that takes the reader to an article about the criticism of Barney Frank for his ENDA compromise and the statements he made.

He knows better than the rest of us do and he's got a column in the newspaper to prove it.