Michael Buckley

Hannah Montana Dirty Photos!

Filed By Michael Buckley | January 02, 2008 1:41 PM | comments

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Tags: comedy, Hannah Montana, humorous blog post, pictures, scandal, What the Buck

Go to BuckHollywood for the bonus video! It it is super silly!!! Hubby shot me doing my little toliet photo shoot!

Also - update! That kid who lied and to get those tickets had them taken away! Oh snap!

PS: I love Miley Cyrus! Stop being so serious kids and making me put disclaimers! LOL

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katharina | July 27, 2009 2:07 PM

hanna motana is not gay u probely put hidden camras so that hanna monntana cant see like when she s in the bathroom u probely put hidden caras when shes pulling up her browl u nap it and u say that shes gay and shes NOT!!!!

I agree hanah is a sweet and kind teenager i mean yeah there going to make mistakes but everyone does including you.So yeah i agree with katharina everyone know what she did was wrong but people learn from mistakes and no mater how bad the mistakes were because later on in life she is just going to learn so yeah say things about her and other singers but your just hurting yourself and by the way she is not gay.

OMG! How could you say crapy stuff about hanah montana not just her you spread stuff about singers that proble is not even close to being true you proble put hidden cameras in there house who nows you might even do stuff like that yourselfbut saying bad stuff about people makes me want to say that about you i mean you try to be cool but NEWS FLASH you are not close to being cool

i work with the club of hannah montana is realy gay and yes she is her making out with britney spears yeah that wasnt a mistake that waas real so cream!