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Indiana's SJR7: The "Marriage Protection Amendment" really ISN'T over until it's over AND WHY!

Filed By Don Sherfick | January 28, 2008 5:10 PM | comments

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Today Representative Eric Turner, ranking Republican on the Indiana House Rules and Legislative Policy Committee, filed a amendment to House Joint Resolution No. 1 (HJR1) a proposed constitutional amendment concerning property taxes. While I have not examined every detail, it appears that after having been passed in committee as a tax measure, there has now been an amendment proposed that would add and incorporate the text of SJR7, the so-called "Marriage Protection Amendment". Arguably at least, since the resolution is past the committee stage and coming up on second reading, Rules Committee Chair Scott Pelath's stated intention not to give the marriage amendment matter a hearing in the House might have been effectively bypassed, and the stage is set for a vote on the House floor.

This appears to be a raw political maneuver to thrwart the ordinary committee process of the General Assembly. I am not that familiar with the nuances of the legislative rules to know whether or not "they can really do that and get away with it." The point for now, however, that the coffin may have been sealed and put in the ground, but the body seems to have a pulse. Let this be an important lesson......about the fat lady and where her music stand is.

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I have known since the day after I started rallying my neighbors for property tax repeal, that Eric Miller would hijack our work toward his homo hatred agenda.

Eric Miller blatantly uses our activists for his agenda. Many are afraid to stand against him because they do not wish to create what would appear to be division among the property tax repeal proponents.

Miller and Price blackball me. I'm not sure if it is because of my former career or if because I am a gay rights supporter and Indy Pride member.

I knew when Miller planned his Feb 1 State House rally that he planned to make it look like vast numbers of Hoosier homeowners also support his hate agenda.

When I organized the 4th of July rally, WITHOUT EXCEPTION neighbors were angry that SRJ 7 was more important in last year's session than property tax relief.

These men must be voted out of office and we must work together, gays and straights, to get it done. No matter what it takes.

They care more about advancing their agenda than they care about the children who live inside the homes their parents are barely able to hang on to.

We have to get property tax relief passed during this session for the sake of the lives of our people. We don't have time for these games.

If any supporters want to join Hoosiers For Fair Taxation who works for ALL Hoosiers, we will be at the statehouse on Friday and we intend to make it known we do not support Representative Turner, Representative Bosma, or Eric Miller.

What has Bosma done now?

If Pat Bauer allows that to hit the floor of the House he's a worse politician than I would have imagined. He has no interest in making the Guv look good nor having an amendment on the ballot in November. With Indiana looking for a reason to flip blue, they won't want anything to fuck that up.

Just my opinion though - no secret tips or anything.

While spin is wonderfully powerful, does anyone think that a majority of Hoosiers are so stunned that they would blame Bauer for refusing such a blatant ploy, unconstitutional as well because the amendment is not germane to the issue of taxes, rather than turn on Eric Miller et al. for sinking their property tax relief to advance his agenda?

If the property tax amendment does not get a fair hearing, unencumbered by poison-pill amendments, the Democrats should beat the Republicans with it like a drum from now through November. If they don't they would stand revealed as a pitiful, spineless, impotent bunch.

It would seem that Amendment #12 to HJR 1, Miller's Trojan horse, is unconstitutional, but it would also seem that the House can override the speaker's ruling to that effect. Then we would have to rely on the State Supreme Court to rule that the amendment was unconstitutionally passed, but the Court likes to defer to the legislature, thereby nullifying the constitution.

Sigh, does nobody in office have anything better to do?