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Is the Military Bending the Rules on Gay Soldiers?

Filed By Michael Crawford | January 12, 2008 9:35 AM | comments

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Gays in the military is one of the hottest topics among LGBT issues right now. This increased visibility is due in no small part to the work fantastic work of Servicemembers Legal Defense Network and its communications director Steve Ralls. Steve has done an excellent job steering the media blitz by openly gay Army Darren Manzella.

Darren was recently featured in a must see segment on 60 Minutes about the more than 500 openly gay soldiers who are serving in the military despite Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

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It's bending the rules for as long as it's convenient for them to bend the rules. After the whole fiasco is over, rest assured that all the gay soldiers will be disposed of without benefits ala World War II.

I think your title question is best answered by asking another question...

"Does a bear shit in the woods?"

And like Lucrece points out, as soon as there's no war and shortage of troops, we'll be out on our asses again.

Not that shunning the whole military complex thing is necessarily bad though!


Thanks for the kudos on Darren's story and the 60 Minutes piece, but it was Darren who did all the heavy lifting. ;-) I just found a few outlets for him to tell his story.

We're expecting to have updates on his story soon, and when SLDN gets those, we'll share them with Bilerico readers, too.

- Steve .