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Jan 11 - Go orange!

Filed By Bil Browning | January 11, 2008 12:00 AM | comments

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Close Guantanamo BayYou may have noticed the Bilerico Project looks a little different today as we stand in solidarity with the ACLU to demand that Guantanamo Bay be shut down. We'll be orange from midnight to midnight on the 6th anniversary of the first arrival of detainees. Wear orange today to protest Gitmo and stop by the ACLU website to find quick ways you can help shutter this travesty of justice.

If you turn your blog orange, let us know in the comments. A regularly updated list of participating blogs after the jump.

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Blogs that have gone orange today

Join the list! Leave us a comment and tell us you've gone orange too!

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I do not understand how anybody can support let alone as a presidential candidate accept the crimes against humanity the Bush, Clinton and Bush Administrations has conducted

My heart aches every day since Bush Sr. began this folly.

Pray For America


By the way Bil
The orange looks really good.
Take care

Way to go Ray! Maybe some of our other readers with their own blogs will do the same!

I did it. But I don't think it looks as good on mine.

Indeed -- Guantánamo Bay should certainly be shut down, if only that could be the beginning to the end of all the horrible wars the US is funding...

Sorry to say this, but despite the noble reason behind doing this, I find this setup to be rather visually unpleasant. It simply clashes with the rest of the site's design.

Anyways, keep on the good fight.

Bill Perdue | January 11, 2008 6:12 PM

we all owe you a big 'thanks' for highlighting the ACLU's efforts to shut down Guantanamo and similar facilities.

Their existence is partly dependent on the anti-constitutional Paytriot Act overwhelmingly supported by both parties.

What’s most threatening is that Guantanamo and other criminal activities of the Bush administration, including numberless acts of torture and murder by the CIA, the US military and US mercenary groups are a precedent that will be copied in other areas as the resource wars heat up.

People who ignore the warnings of the ACLU do so at their own peril.